Team Games just dont happen.. Extremely Long Queues with joining failed

Finding team games is pretty much close to impossible in a few minutes these days.
Every time I queue for a TG, I have to wait an hour or two to get a game. Either game bugs out or failed to join message.

This really needs a fix.

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What is your teams elo? I dont see this problem but have heard others say it. An hour or more is ridiculous.

I queue by myself and I am around 2k8 elo in TGs. This happens way too often… You wouldnt believe but I have not been able to play even one tg in the past 4 days. 4 hours of queuing


I think your elo might be to high to catch a game. I believe that is why the pros have smerf accounts. There is just not enough people at your level. Nice job on the 2k8 elo too.

Thank you… I am simply thinking that TGs never really get fixed… so many issues and its been a year since the game released. The ability to queue with same people has not been working for over 4 months now. The priorities on new civs rather than fixing whats broken really stumps me a lot

Well… game itself is in a pretty bad state atm. I was not able to play a ranked game due to not wanting play Arabia, so I banned it. Every single game then fails due to ALT+F4ers. So now I am playing some CBA (yeah my elo is far from 2k8 like the original poster 11), and there 2 out of 3 games go out of sync. Its just a pain to love this game…