Team games, language barrier

Are there any plans for language based servers?

It is annoying trying to play a team game and being unable to communicate/coordinate due to a language barrier.

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Matchmaking uses servers around the world where people is matched with other no matter from what country come.

I understand that.

It is why i asked if there are any plans for language based servers…

I would at least want a way to know what languages the other person speaks, like a small marker next to their name with a flag or a letter specific to that language

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Custom games show the host’s game language, so that would give some hints and is something that the game seems to read, so it shouldn’t be impossible to iterate on it further for ranked games as well.

At the very least, the taunt system is reasonably robust for communication. However, I’d say that language based servers might be impossible as the playerbase is not large enough to be segregated even more. I don’t like in Asia, but surely you’ll have language barriers there as well? Or do people learn all ‘main’ languages e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc for no barrier problem?