Team Killing with onagers

Team Killing with onagers

Has this ever happened to you? Where you have an ally (locked team game), who is basically a troll. They make onagers and proceed to team kill you by blasting your base with them by using attack ground. Would this be rule-breaking?

However, it has not happened to me recently. But I remember rage-quitting over it. Was a game years ago, back in AOE 2 2013.

EDIT To add, team killing is perfectly fine in a Diplo game.

No, but I’m 100% certain you can report someone successfully for it. Not even a shadow of a doubt.

I don’t even remember the guy’s name or know if he play DE. Was back in AOE 2 2013 version.

Well obviously the window has passed now, but I meant if someone did it as of CURRENT_DAY you could report it.

You could report him, but finding him and throwing burning rocks at his house might be more satisfying.

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I feel like the devs dont really do much with reports. I have reported some players, but they just kept playing. Seems like they wont got punished at all.

Note: Reports were not for this specific reason.