Team play replay out of sync only on free view (not player view)

Hi there.

I have some really anoying bug regarding replays in 3V3 or 4V4. Whenever I watch them using the free view, the replay crashes for “out of synch” error after a few minutes (doesn’t matter if I use the X8 replay speed or not, always crashes at the same minute of the replay).

However, this error does not happen if I use the “player camera” : which means, If I want to watch the rep, I have to stick with the player’s view.

The bug is confirmed on all replays of the latest game patch available today, but it was still occuring 1 month before the patch.

Please fix this as watching replays is a key feature for being better in the game. Also, why kill all replays after an update ? just make a replay engine that can handle all the history and balances patches of the game.


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Sorry you are running into this @DocteurNambu! We’ll check into it. Thank you for the report.