Team ranked complately ruin

There are too many unbalanced teams, unbalanced civs like spanish and persian in nomad, unbalanced maps like 2 tcs megarandom etc. Team ranked all about luck.

Is the nature of TGs so better get used to that.
though thing like ELO inflation and Alt-f4 need fix ASAP.

Here’s the thing for Spanish:

  • Building speed bonus no longer applies on Dark age on Nomad.
  • Non-Elite Conquistador melee armor reduced to 1.
    These are the only nerfs I consider fine to put Spanish on a healthy position for Nomad like Maps.


  • The extra resources bonus (50w and 50f) appear when you build your initial TC.

That’s it.

But then is ridiculous how there are more people vocal about OP nomad civs when in other ones like Arena are just ruled by Turks, Bohemians and Poles.

I know the game, dont give me advice. Even pro players struggling againts spanish and you are giving me advice. There are too many op civs depends on map and they are like free win.

I really want them to reset team game ELO, but know it’ll never happen.