Team Ranked Matches Unbalanced

I’ve been loosing all day in team ranked matches…the balance is just so bad. For several games, as English, i outpost rushed or early men-at-arms block one of the enemy’s gold mine forced it to be like 4v3 or 3v2…and after that i usually aged up with the white tower to defend…while im trying my best to hold hoping there might be an act from my teammates…NOPE…they’re playing sim city…there must be like three matches we were 4v3 and still lost…i was hoping i could enjoy team game…but the unbalanced matches kinda ruined the game…idk if it’s just me feeling like this way. All my sacrifice and trying went to nothing but endless defeats, I’ll keep myself away for the game awhile
i think. But cant we just add some punishing system to the ranked games? specially team matches…when you tried so hard to assist your team…yet they laughed about you then booming to quitting…reporting your incompetent teammates almost EVERY game…it’s definitely not fun…anyway…I’m whining, just feel really bad after team matches :pleading_face:

As you can see my screenshots…it’s always unfair for my team :face_with_head_bandage:

But you will have some game where silly players are on opponent team and you just,win somehow easily. It is balanced. You always win 50% and lose 50%.

It’s not balanced when your mmr is average 1000 and you tag conqueror’s premade and lost anyway 24elo points. There is a huge mess in calculation in ranked. However, personal score should impact the up and loss of elo. Because a game where you carry your all team is not the same as a game where you made 2000pts at 30min.
I mostly play multiplayer ranked pick up game and the disbalance is colossal in this bracket. This is some statement from all 5 season of ranked matchs.

You have :
-premade of good teams (>diamond/conq +) which destroy easily random teams (plat<), but however the difference of elo is, you keep winning or losing the same amount of points

-people who don’t know how their civ works but keep coming to try them in ranked

-your elo directly linked to the civ you play (if you’re conq with mongol, you’re not with other you never play), and it’s extremely difficult to train in QM because you have everything in this mode (from player who want to chill to people who come to destroy everything without stake, try cheesy strategies or troll)

-leavers after loading screen (without rematch this is the worst feeling, when you hardly win 25pts and lost them after for just a moron who instant left)

-when you reach a good mmr or win streak you are often placed as the “motor” of your team and have to carry them to continue progress. I made this statement because when i’m on a lose streak, i keep getting low game easy to win until i take back some of the loss previously made.

-the game is not very highly selective in its elo calculation. I saw many games where the level of the player did not correspond to his rank. I think the biggest gap is between gold3 and diamond 1, because you have the core of the players here and it’s a huge circus. You have plat 2/3 better than diamond 2/3 sometimes and it feels very weird. When these guys are sometimes 3 or 4 division higher on their ATH you understand the problem in this game. There is no stabilization (a game like SC2 or WOW in arena is way better in his elo system). While people keep grinding and next straight falling down when they reach their ath, you can’t have homogeneous games.

  • mostly the problem is the low number of players in each division and the low number of division.
    As i said, there is a huge gap between a plat 1 and 3 but the game keep mixing gold with diamond in v2/v3/v4 bracket. The result is there is no progression possible with a 50/50 win rate.

Solutions :
-Stop sanction players when they lost to a much higher elo team in a no match (150+ elo diff should not give you a loss of 25pts while a balanced game give you 20).

-Increase the amount of points to get the second and third tier of each division (100pts between plat2 and diamond 1 for example, is too tight).

-while the number of players is too low to divide random ranked match (soloQ/duoQ) and premade ranked match (like League of Legend), a system of clan should be implemented in game to facilitate people and encourage them to come in premade. Atm, nobody use the in game voice in pickup matches.
I consider the 2v2 bracket as the most competitive in multiplayer ranked and it’s quite easy to found someone, but for the others bracket from 3v3 which is a mix and 4v4 which is the most casual, the problem is evident.

-The progression in ranked is essential but the game feels very chopped. You can get a big rank a season and slack in a lower division one or two season after. You can also rush a rank and stop playing (that was the main problem of the past 5 season without the ATH reward system). But when i reach a rank and go down 2 or 3 divisions after and keep playing against people with plus 200elo difference (because the game is empty), i don’t feel inferior as them.

Hope my ideas are understandable, :grimacing:

edit : I forgot to talk about the many smurfs accounts and foreigner from EU servers but there are enough problems in the first post

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that would be a dream…but reality is that like 90% of the matches the silly players are on my team… :joy:

If you lose more than you win, eventually your elo will decrease to the point you are winning half of your matches. Granted team games are in general less balanced and more swingy because there is usually a greater elo discrepancy.

I actually don’t mind losing…but not like these uneven matches… :grimacing:

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I mean hardly a meaningful statistic when you have played less than 20 games. Your elo is probably fluctuating faster than your actual rank, it may currently think that you are higher than a gold level player. Your winrate isn’t THAT low so it is likely still adjusting for your rank.

Yeah but then you lose elo, eventually you will have a lot of game where silly players are on opponent team, your elo will be balanced

Simple solution : don’t play team game… Be a man and rely only on yourself. That way you can’t blame teammates…

Don’t play for a few weeks till all the new accounts have stopped playing. It is just a turkey shoot or an ELO harvest party for teams of friends or clans in multiplayer whenever there is an influx of new players into the game.

Also, because high ranking players have complained about their long waiting times, they are now very quickly mixed with low ranks, simply to get them a game to play. This is of course not fun for you but great for them. :smile:

This is exactly the problem. The devs only listen the high-levels. It is NOT balanced when the avg matchmaking ELO is like ±150 in the silver/gold/plat levels. One game I had 2 diamond + 1 gold vs 2 silver + 1 gold, the matchmaking ELO diff was like 170 points. That definetly is the biggest reason why ppl are dropping the game. I for example want to play agains someone where there is a 50/50 chance of winning, not that i win 50% of games against 150 ELO lower players and lose 50% against 200 ELO higher players. In the Diamond + levels do your ±150, but please match the avg players within 50 ELO, you will just grow your fanbase alot more.

low rank players keep losing pointlessly, high rank players keep wining effortlessly…that’s fun for both sides i guess :joy:

I did…but what the point for ranked team options if you want to be a loner? we’re humans, sometimes we work alone, but most of time, we don’t. :people_hugging:

I think most people enjoy winning games, doesn’t matter how unfair they were.

well…it’s their lost…the rewards of dedications and the joys of teamworks that they’ll never know :raised_hands: