Teamgame Tournaments

I know there are several smaller tournaments being held by various communities members (Low Elo Legends, Onlyfarms FFA stuff, etc.), but I am curious if anyone knows of, or if anyone is even interested in participating in a teamgame tournament. Maybe we could convince Shoebacca or someone to host it if there is enough interest.



Team game tournaments would be cool.

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Team game tournaments would be cool !
I would even go so far as to say that the balance of AOE4 should be based on Teamgame mode, after all AOE2 fires are based on the Nations Cup. There are lots of variables and countless examples of reversals in team games that are fun to watch.

Well AoE2 has team passives on civs, and AoE4 doesn’t, so I would say the game as a whole shouldn’t be balanced around it just because they didn’t intend to from the start.

I can tell your how TG tournament goes. Everyone picks french or bans it and everyone spams heavy cavalry with infinite gold / food and nothing else

Balance for larger team games still seems to be a little whack but a 2v2 tournament sounds fun