Teamgames elo

just lost 2v2 game and we lost 16/10 points and the oponent got 16/22 points.
teamgame elo looks inflated in general so it makes sense

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the one who lost 10 points and the one who gained 22 points where probably lower elo.

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why does that explain anything?

If you are low elo (compare to opponent), and you win, you should be rewarded with bonus point. In the opposite, if you loose against a much weaker opponent, you should be punish. In a 1v1 situation, it’s clear and easy to understand how it works…

In multiplayer, it’s more tricky. Imagine a 1000 elo player and a 1800 elo player on the same team. On the other team, there’s two 1400 elo player. Both team are “balanced” in term of point. If the first team win, should the 1000 elo player rewarded even if he probably got carried? or if they loose, should the 1800 elo player get punished because his ally is bad?Tricky question. and no response are 100% correct.

In this game they took the same direction as the 1v1. Reward lower elo on winning, punish higher elo on loosing.


well you cant reward more points than the other team loses even if you did it the way you explained it. sure you can discuss about distributing within the team. The thing is in an elo system the sum of points cant increase. There is issues with inflation from new players and smurfs but if the elo system itself is creating points then its not an elo system. Thats gonna completely destroy the teamgame ladder longterm.
On voobly the teamgame rating of the absolute top players was like 2k2 compared to 2k7 in 1v1. that came down to teamgames not being as consistent and also the fact that fewer teamgames are played so its not inflating as much over the years. but in DE we have pushed the ratings to 2k3 already over the level of 1v1s and that in just 3 months of the game being released and that doesnt even include the top players because they almost never play rated teamgames. If we keep going at this pace we will reach 3 in this year 11.
I dont believe that the rising elos can be explained by the system being too “young”.

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Yeah nah you are right that is bugged, on first glance it looked alright to me, one gained 6 extra while one lost 6 extra, but no! He didn’t lose 6 extra instead he lost 6 less.