Teammate gets eliminated, their gates are locked

I’ve had this happen twice.

My teammate who was Chinese and walled the middle in Mountain Pass got disconnected. What happened from here is that our team was trapped on our side even though we should be pushing to just all in because the disconnected buildings cannot be deleted, or be used. In AOE2, I believe that teammates’ units/buildings after they resign/dc can be deleted by anyone in the same team.

We did manage to get out by using attack ground with mangos but I’m sure this isn’t something intended…

I believe this is almost on the bug territory?

When your teammate got eliminated: the building, unit, villagers become neutral, you can : destroy wall/building with the siege, and you can covert the villager and his army with a monk.

for locked gate, TBH I am not try it yet… but if the theory it is become neutral building… probably the gate locked is intended, you can break it with siege for this case.

and this also the same if one of your opponents got eliminated, someone posts in the forum you can also produce unit from an opponent building (TBH, I not yet try this one)

check it out : Team Game BUG?!?! | Age of Empires 4 - YouTube

Thank you @JazBas1 and @darryndad. We are definitely investigating the best way to move forward here. We understand it’s not ideal.