Teammates ruin the game

quick match and ranked teammates ruin the game. Most of them are from foreign servers.
Just played 5 ranked games.
one game, player quit cause we didnt build a market for him at 3 minutes into game, yet trade post was right beside us…
One game, player only made camel archers and nothing else. Let them die to pikes.
Most recent game, I ping my teamates army close by for help, but he ignores it and keeps attacking some english towers.

I QUIT. Forget this game. Forget the foreign players that don’t help , have no teamwork, and make this game suck so bad. I have played this game since 1998. I am sick of what people are becoming in 2023. Disgusting!
there is no love, help, teamwork, and people are so self centered and foolish they ruin this game. Forget that.
Guess I will have to quit playing quick match or ranked, cuase matchmaking with foreign players is disgusting. Fix this. Show players online on each server. Let the queue be longer. better to have one game an hour with real human beings, than get match with foreign server players who let you die over and over. 5 games in a row. Microsoft, you screwed up here. make it so only US and Europe are on the same matchmaking!!! English servers for english speaking so we can COMMUNICATE.
No one even uses voice chat. Players are so weird in Age of Empires ## No one talks. Is this due to the epidemic of childhood illness? I even use Google translate with cameria to understand when chinese players do speak. but they rarely do. at all. Don’t judge me. Fix the game. PERIOD>

At least with Empire wars in quick match now, It will be much less time wasted if teammates are unwilling to help fight. or quit cause I didnt build a market by 3 minutes… when a trade post is nearby…


Solo queuing for team games always has the problem of not working well with your teammate. Maybe find a premade to queue up with.

I agree. No one likes teammate who can’t speak the same language. Btw i am from asia pacific region. Maybe they need to split the server into EU/US, latin america, asia. Because as far as i know all players don’t like teammate from other regions, not just european/americans.


The only way to try address this issue is to find someone to play over discord, as playing with random people has it flaws.

If you have such a problem with random teammates, you should try to search for players that you enjoy playing with. That or just don’t play team games?

Also camel archers are actually really good vs spears, if his camel archers died to spears well he’s bad at micro and should never use that unit.

What is Microsoft supposed to do about foreign players? Ban everyone with asian characters in their name? That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


True but it does seem to be getting worse as the servers regions merge I must say.

Can we please respect each other both on the forums and in game? Everyone is at different level skill wise, but the fact of the matter is if you sign up for random team games then you can’t complain about any of that.

Want to play competitive then play ranked with people you know over discord for better communication and strategies. This also addresses the language “issue” too.


teamate was noob. believe me. Otherwise, dont care.
2nd , not ban asians but seperate the servers , Give server info and amount of players playing in each. Have servers for ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Etc. Not hard. Don’t be a dumb noob Brubie. Use logic. Not be extremist and say I am calling for banning asians. lol You are part of the problem. Just seperate english servers from chinese speaking servers.

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If you want to play with English speaking people, play on the US server, if you are in Asia Pacific, you are likely defaulting to one of the Asian servers. There is literally a main menu button for this.

Is this your first online game? It doesn’t matter what region you are in, there will always be foreigners playing on your server (probably something about time zones or China firewall or something).

The game already is divided in regions, there are 2 US regions, a Korea server and a SE Asia server etc.
Ofc you will still get a lot of Asians because they like playing on American servers in every video game ever, but what do you want them to do, ban people that don’t have English as a primary language?

If you don’t like the people in your servers, maybe don’t play team games with random people? Idk what you want Relic to do lol, it’s not like Relic can divide matchmaking based on client language without getting sued for all they are worth.

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You will always have issues playing team games with random people you don’t know. All the AgE games have issues with this, actually any game. Many people are really bad at playing as a team they ignore flares and messages don’t help expect team games to be 3 way 1v1 or something but when you solo que for team games that’s the way it is. I play solo in age games a lot not as much anymore mostly play with my brother. Most people probably don’t use in game voice chat cause it awkward and leads to people being toxic. I know I won’t voice chat with someone I don’t know in a game.


You can’t fix hooman beings! If you team up with randoms, you get what you get. Either put up with it, fly over, or look for team mates beforehand.

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That’s the issue though…it isn’t ‘random’ at all. I search on the UK and US servers for 4v4 when my friends aren’t online. 4 games out of 5 I am the only non asian/english speaker.

At this point ‘random’ would be a solid improvement.

Servers aren’t locked, aren’t they? You would have to “segregate” to avoid this kind of stuff. But maybe one could VPN their way out of the constraint.

this is my main point but people are to dumb and blind to realize it… I am on US East server and it rarely gives me players near my region.

Empire wars fixed it for me. Now I don’t care who I play with or if I lose because it don’t spend 15 minute building up my nation just for a bad teammate or disconnection to waste 15 minutes of my life. So happy. Devs you did great with this update. It was what I needed to enjoy the game again.