Teamwall Arena

I think it would be cool to have something like Arena but with a team wall instead of individual player walls. It would probably make more sense in team empire wars, as it takes you to straight to the team wall stage of the game with 0 effort. Team walling is a pretty standard strategy for players that are queueing together, but it requires a bit too much cooperation when playing with randoms. I wouldn’t expect it to be any more slower paced than regular arena.


I could see it in standard RM as well. It’s like having Islands and Team Islands. Why not have both, Arena and Team Arena? Would be fun I guess :slight_smile:


There’s a team arena custom map you can download from mod center. Just search “team arena” and subscrive the mod


I just downloaded the map and took a detailed look at the map because I am/was considering to take this map for a small team tournament. Sadly, out of 7 map generations 4 were bugged. 2 times the walls were not even a team wall, only 2 players spawend together for one team, the 3rd player had his own arena 2 tiles away from the team arena. 3 times sheep spawned inside the wall and thus could not be moved. 1 time a relic was inside one players base, 1 time a Jaguar was inside a base.
→ only 3 out of 7 playable versions sadly isn’t enough to consider it a competitive map. Needs some rework for sure.

Yea team arena sounds cool :slight_smile:

This is a pretty interesting idea. Good one bro!

I am pretty sure Team Arena was in the first release of the forgotten empire mod :thinking:
(But later removed because it was buggy)

At least I was playing it back then with friends.

I think it needs a redesign. Perhaps 2 straight walls across the map further away from the starting TCs (instead of, like it is now, basically Arena with TCs closer together and some walls missing…)