Tech Tree Bug

While viewing the tech tree I often will see the same stat for all units of a type. Ex. Archer, Crossbowman, and Arbalist will all say they have 5 attack, when this is not true. It will also sometimes display the same HP for all units of a type. Not sure what is causing this. Also the slider on the bottom will be halfway off the screen if i close the left side tab (the civ bonuses screen) and then reopen it. The only thing that seems to fix this is if I restart the program or play a long game.


Yes guys, it’s incredible! It’s 3 days i can create eagle warriors or elephants with all the civ and even civ bonus are cancelled…it destroys the game play!

This is the case since all Age versions before DE exists.
It always shows the stats for the highest upgrade of a unit type, nothing new and not worth fixing.

SlicedEmu661, You ticked the “All Techs” option in the game lobby. Untick it.