[TECH TREE ERROR] Incorrect description in Mongol tech tree

The Mongol tech tree still says you can make early lancers in Age 2, which I believe is a removed feature.

See here under civilization bonuses on the left , bullet point 3.


Whoa, the usability (UI/UX) of that screen could use a lot of work, imo. No color-coding of words (e.g., “+50 food” and “+10% Food” could be green), or proper indents for bulletpoints, etc.? I won’t get started about the right-side of the screen :wink: I’ll leave it at that as I don’t want to de-rail the the thread; but thanks for posting the screenshot so we could see it

Thanks, we’ll get this description sent along to be fixed.


Please reconsider removing this early lancer removal… The mongol dont feel like a rush civ anymore.