Tech tree rework

I think the tech tree should contain detailed information: damage, multipliers, armor and other values should be visible.
Run a custom game with Easy AI to explore these values is not convinient at all.

Also the tech tree should be presented as a tree, not as a table with branches.
Don’t reinvent the wheelI, just display the tree as a tree. It would be more readble.


Fortunately, the fans have done the work that the devs have been icapable to:


It’s awesome, i want something like this

Oh wow, another wonderful community site to bookmark. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Is there a place for me to give feedback to the Dev there? It appears that some things on the tech tree have no data entered, such as the Armored Beasts upgrade for Delhi elephants.

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I actually I think this is better:*kE2GS4nRjyY4XTFb508Y3g#