Tech tree shows same stats for all units in upgrade line

Don’t like the fact that it’s camel rider now, instead of camel.
I really enjoyed the fact that you used to buy a camel and get the rider for free.
Anyway, I’m not convinced by that upgrade.


But now you can buy camel rider and get camel for free. Seems much better deal IMO

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I have reproduced this issue, not only for camels, but for all upgraded units. So for example Champion appears with the same stats (price, health, damage, …) as Militia or Man at Arms, Arbalest same stats as Archer, Elites same as non-Elites, etc.

All I did was create a scenario quickly just to test a small battle, set all players (2) starting at Post-Imperial and click Test. After I finished testing, I quit to the main menu, then I clicked Single-player and clicked the Tech tree (didn’t change any game setup option, just went directly to Tech tree), and it was broken with all the stats at Post-Imperial.

I understand that it may make sense if you open the Tech tree during a game and see all your currently researched techs already applied to the stats, but it doesn’t make sense to have it like that when not playing (during game setup), so pretty sure this is a bug or glitch.
Restarting the game fixed it.

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good work!
Disagree though that this ever makes sense.
I might quickly look up what the stats of an opponent’s unit is, if he hasn’t upgraded.
The tech tree is very slow to navigate, after all.

bumping this cause it was bothering me today, was checking how important the heavy camel upgrade was and thought i was wasting resources 11. did some testing came to the same conclusions traveledorc255 came to. It even includes bloodlines upgrade’s hitpoints on the tech tree and im not sure why cause it doesnt include any blacksmith upgrades or farimba or anything like that.

wrong to put upgraded unit stats for the unupgraded units, and even wronger to show that on the tech tree outside of a game


Even outside a game?! Wowwowowow.