Tech Trees for the new Civs pls


since I sadly can’t test the new civs, because I only have the game on the Xbox Store*, I would kindly ask, if someone could upload some screenshots from their tech trees for me.
I would be really thankful.


*One might think, that testing Beta builds should be possible in MS own launcher, wouldn’t you?

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I have only these:

Thanks a whole bunch. :wink:

Could you show or tell me what units both have available in imp?

Everything is normal except malians have musofadi gunners (stealthy) and ottomans have janissaries (castle age handcannon that specializes against cav and melee infantry) instead of handcannons. Also, malians have culverins and ottomans have ribauldequins and great bombards (the latter replaces bombards)

What about that Javelin Thrower and Speer & Shield units of the Malians?

You asked specifically for imperial age units. I recommend you watch a youtube video showcasing the civs to go really in depth

I recorded video of scrolling through the tech trees. You can watch them below.

Malians Tech Tree

Ottomans Tech Tree


Are u liking new civs and game so far? Will u come back ? :relaxed:

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I am liking all the changes. It is plainly evident that the developers put in the work to address many bugs and issues. Even though there are still several bugs and issues I would like to see addressed, I will likely give the game another shot when the update releases.

tech tree needs a improvement i want to see every unit stat

This project was to show a complete view of the technology tree, unfortunately they did not keep updating the information. But you can discover all units, buildings and technologies in the game (updated), here Explorer – AoE4 World

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That is a cool website but doesn’t appear to have the new civs on it yet.