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I’m unable to reply to reviews. Thank you to the reviewer of this new mod. I’ve adjusted the multipliers on Wheelbarrow/Hand Cart (12x) to prevent pushing the speed above 8 - this appears to be the breaking point. I’ve also reduced Hoardings to 5x, this means an integer overflow isn’t possible with all Hoardings (5x) and all Architecture (10x) researched. I’ve also removed the multiplier from Guilds as this does not stack.

Currently, all stackable techs have 15x multipliers with the exception of

  • 25x on Logistica, Lechetic Legacy, Grand Trunk Road, Torsion Engines, Siege Engineers and Squires
  • 18x on Husbandry
  • 13x on Obsidian Arrows (re-added to game for Mayans)
  • 12x on Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart
  • 10x on Architecture and Tracking (re-added to game)
  • 9x on Caravan
  • 5x on Hoardings
  • 3x on Bloodlines

Other enhancements include

  • Houses support 10 population
  • Small farms
  • Trade collision reduced
  • Mill and Camps produce resources (Feitoria effect)
  • Conscription increases production and research rates at most buildings
  • Squires applies to archer class
  • ######### applies to Mamelukes
  • Siege Engineers +3 range (was +1)
  • Torsion Engines +0.55 blast width (was +0.45)

Updated for Return of Rome.

If you enjoy overpowered play, this mod will be a favorite

Really enjoying this mod thanks for creating it.

The two issues I had were:

  • Crashing when playing a 4v4 AI and seeing the game to post-imperial age (starting in feudal worked fine)
  • Heavy scorpions not being about to kill markets when playing as the Romans with maxed out fire rate.
  • I was doing the building hit-point upgrade from the University when all of a sudden all of my castles were destroyed, I think their health caused some overflow (I was playing as Celts).