Technology Tree and Unit Counter İcons Needs Reworked!

I think orijinal Age Of 3 Three techlonogy three is so better than age of 3 de. In age of 3 we can see all techs with one looking. But age of 3 de we have to slide the mouse to limited looking. Also units counter description photos ( counter information) are too small and confusing. For example assault infatry icon is confusing and small. Please fix good counter icons for units.

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I agree that some of the counter icons are too tiny, especially heavy infantry. It’s like a tiny blue speck!


What? There was no technology tree at all in original AoE3.

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Sorry, Age of 3 doesnt have techlogy three. Age 3 De has got tec three. I mean age of 3 tech three is confusing. I think ıt should have reworked so we can see all techs, buildings, units with one looking not to slide mouse.