Techs that make new trash units!

So, it started with the Malay, and it was cool, but two handed swordsmen aren’t exactly murderous.

And then we got it for the Persian, and Trashbows were wonderous.

And I was wondering, what else can be turned into trash, but still be balanced?

I thought of replacing the Turks HP tech on Cavalry Archers into Trash Cavalry Archers would be cool by having Food replace Gold with a Castle Age tech, but I guess you would need to drop more upgrades then just Heavy Cavalry Archer.

Perhaps giving one of the Mezo Nations Trash Galleys would be cool.

Or maybe Trash Camels for the Cummens in the Imperial Age?

Trash Battle Elephants for Indians? No elite Battle Elephants, but give a tech that makes them trash in the Imperial Age.

Finally, Trash Knights for the Saracens in the Imperial Age.

Note, these are not serious suggestions as far as the game goes. Just pondering how more Trash Unit Techs could be added to the game, who would get them, and how they would could be balanced.

Saracen Trash Knights would be really fun. They already lack all the unit upgrades after Knight anyway, so have replace the bonus of Zealotry to instead Knights gold free. To make up for it (and this is controversial but again not be taken serious), boost the Elite Mamelukes by 20 hitpoints, and give Saracens access to Imperial Camels.

Anyway, just some fun kicking around ideas.

I think this is the only viable one. It would be cool, but IDK how balance obviously, this post is just for fun but I think that’s doable

You are probably right. Although, trash Crossbows are pretty good, so I think the bar is pretty high.

I guess the question is, how much do you have to remove to make a gold unit balanced as a Trash Unit?

For Malay, it wasn’t all that much, although Champions are a pretty big upgrade.

Trash CA for turks would be super OP since they get FU heavy CA. EDIT: you talked about drop some uprades so nvm 11

Modified trash units are good but they have to lack something, like 2hs for malay and just xbow and no FU arbalest for persians. I dont include here magyar huszar since its a UU and doesn’t lack upgrades like the other ones.

In that case, I believe that trash knights for saracens would be similar to trash xbow or trash 2hs and would fit the purpose.

Oh, if Turks got Trash CA, you would, at the very least, need to remove Heavy Cavalry Archers and a few more upgrades.

There are two reasons the idea interest me. First, the Turks are a CA civ and making CA Trash would, I think, still make them a CA civ, just in a very different way. The second, it would give them a proper trash unit, which has been a complaint about Turks.

Maybe not a valid one, but having no Elite Skirmishers or Halbs is something people complain about. If they had trash CA, that could fill in that gap.

Also, trash wars are fun, and it is sad that Turks are left out.

But, you are 100% right @wakaroto you can’t have a fully upgraded unit become Trash, especially one with as many upgrades as CA.

Yes, definely remove HCA and maybe both parthian tactics and thumb ring.

Trash battering rams that only cost wood for a new siege civ in the future, maybe Armenians.
Trash battle elephants that only cost food and no elite upgrade for a new elephant civ in the future, maybe Siamese.
More trash hussar that only take 0.5 population for a new nomads civ in the future, maybe Scythians.
Make canoes of the editor available and only cost wood for a new navy civ in the future, maybe Polynesians.
Make flaming camels of the editor available and only cost food for Tatars.
Make castle only cost 1000 wood or more for a new civ in the future, maybe Romans.
Whatever. But it is most importantly that the new trash might not fit the current civ.

I mean, brand new civs are an option, but it makes it hard to debate the pros and cons of a new trash unit when you don’t have a civilization to base off of it.

But trash Siege is something I hadn’t considered.

Well, I consider it in the another way.
Since making gold units become trash or adding a new kind of trash are too influential, the tech tree should be designed after we determine what trash can the civ have.

The late inclusion of Trashbows would argue against that idea.

I understand your point though, but if this is to be a discussion of trash units, wouldn’t you need to provide us with all the details of the civ in question? I mean, there is a huge difference between a trash Crossbow for Persians, and trash Crossbows for Briton.

I thought this whole post was going to be an epic poem. Imagine my disappointment when the rhymes ended after the 2nd line.

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That is my fault. It could have been glorious.
Now, I have failed, and it looks horrendous.

Edited to make it work.

Ummmm…, Since you want a new trash, definitely will make that trash be not too strong.
That mean nobody will wanna make Briton archers become trash at the beginning, so the comparison between Persians and Britons is not really meaningful here in my opinion.

Alright, I provide some detail idea about those “new civ” I want.
Armenians will be a siege civ, an infantry UU “Macebearer” that strong vs buildings, good stable/barrack units and weak range units.
Siamese will be a good elephants civ with good barrack units, an unique tech for buffing infantry and an unique monk who ride elephants.
Polynesians will be similar to the combine of Malays and eagle civ, having navy bonus and an infantry UU “Taiaha warrior”, a kind of woad-raider-like spearman.
Scythians will be an aggressive civ with weak defense, hussar bonus, free elite CA upgrade and giving the player and the teammates 5 or more sheep per TC as an unique tech.
Romans can train the centurion and the legionary in their castle, having great infantry, skirmishers and scorpions bonus or unique tech, but having no crossbow and light cavalry maybe.
Tatars is weaker than other civ now and flaming camels are designed for Tamerlane campaign, so I prefer to add it into Tatars.