Tencent announces AoE mobile

Graphically seems really good, it’s strange. Lol.

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Looks like rise of kingdoms whith the unit movement selection at the end.

I’m pretty sure that this is mostly rendered content, no actual gameplay. They will show a gameplay demo on the 14th apparently.

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The last seconds show real Gameplay

Graphics are irrelevant when it comes to mobile games and more specifically a mobile game to be released in China.

The gaming market in China loves their micro transactions as it has the biggest market for that in the world so gameplay I expect to be limited around that.

How to say it is really not Age of empires.

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Most effort in regards to graphic goes to the advertisement video. Usually those games look really trashy when you play them. I haven’t seen a single one of those empire building games on mobile I would even consider to play.


It looks even better than AoE IV. LMAO. But we know it’s crap. Every mobile “game” is bs, Tencent lmao, yeah. MS wants CCP money.

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