Terrain and Tactics?

Not having hill bonus’s being a strong point of the game is a real issue imo.

Anyone who knows anything about strategy games is one of the best ways to win is to pick your battles properly, use the terrain to your advantage etc etc classic Sun Tzu art of war stuff.

I thought adding the hidden forests was an awesome step in that direction (I assumed hills still had a attack/defense and the added range bonus) … and walls do a similar thing when your on them. It just seemed so logical to bring it all together, was kinda hoping for a “poor terrain” dlc where marshes/mud whatever made terrain that slowed units by 20-50% or something. Would look visually cool with reflections and water etc too…

The map should have as much interest and strategic element as the units you can make imo. Else you might as well be playing chess on a flat board.


That would be a pretty stupid reasoning because the devs are the ones who develop the map generator… Generally you either make some terrain feature have no gameplay impact and then the maps can generate that terrain randomly, or you give the terrain some gameplay implications and then you have to account for that in the map generation. But the gameplay decision comes first.

But my guess is that the devs itirated on a few different possibilities for high ground bonuses and only the bonus LOS is the outcome. There are a lot of factors in play here, so only time will tell if it’s good or not, it migh just be enough.

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This is really incomprehensible. Aoe4 increases the unprecedented terrain difference, but cancels the impact of terrain on unit attributes?


I mean, you could also just use this logic to say that you can’t defend any base, including your starting location. This is a rather skill-based game series, nothing is indefensible.

*no? once again, nothing definitely works at a certain time or else this game would be incredibly unbalanced.


If they don’t want it to feel punishing they could even just make it a speed bonus when going downhill.

I think they should do something even if it’s not as strong as in AoE2.


As mentioned in the stream by the devs, they removed it after internal testing because of the map generation creating unfair advantages for players.
I don’t understand this argument, they could have tweaked map generation instead of removing it almost entirely :confused:


That would’ve been a better fix, since they’re hopefully tweaking map generation variables before release anyway - we already saw resource imbalances and base entrance differences between TC spawn points that gave unfair advantages during the beta weekend.

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Yeah, or just make competitive maps prebuilt maps.

Much easier to balance and takes out the annoying randomness.

Let the random map generation stay in custom settings.

the random maps are great for the competitive they keep the game fresh, and force variety in the build orders


I like the randomness as well - for ranked play, they just have to be balanced. You can have random layouts that are still equally resource balanced.


Again, the phrase I used was “control the area” not quick build a castle and abandon it. Thats literally the point of king of the hill, you’re supposed to build up until youre able to control the resources in the middle.

If you can send troops to the middle so can I, the difference will be that I have a Keep, and the resources in the middle, while youre trying to field an army off of a market strategy that grows more and more expensive with every bit of food you sell.


Plus King of the Hill map has 1 sacred site in the middle so if you don’t contest the middle and just try to boom, you’re going to lose to a sacred site victory in castle age where your opponent has built stone walls around the site.


High terrain gives more LOS
Ranges units stationed on walls get damage reduction and more range
Stealth terrain gives stealth but reduced LOS except for scouts.
Water has kelp forest to hide ships
Choke points can be made using buildings and unit blobs cannot pass through alleyways as a blob.


Here’s a screenshot from SotL’s video on AoE4 during the stress test.

So I’m still not entirely sure.

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That’s just referring to standing on stone walls though - not standing on high ground terrain. The two are treated differently.


People think having your enemy concentrated in high ground in a singular point is a bad thing entirely.

People seem to forget you can choose where to fight as well, or not to fight altogether. Thing’s called bypassing a strongpoint, maneuver warfare.

Oh you’re right, I was thinking thats what our previous conversation was about, but we were simply talking about high ground. Ignore me :smiley: