Terrain Masks and Blends do not Load from Mods

Terrain masks and blends can be modified directly in the game files, but the game will not use modded files in the mods folder. Given that terrains themselves can be in a mod, I don’t see why there should be major technical limitation keeping blends and masks from being there too, and it would allow for a greater variety of mods.


Yes, I totally agree. I wonder if it’s intended behaviour or a bug…

what we need is an overlap mask on the terrain, like a transparent one that goes over existing terrain etc

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This issue clearly seems to be an oversight from the developers. I was just trying to mod masks because I wanted to improve some cases of terrain layering, but discovered that game simply doesn’t load mask files from mods in current game version “101.102.1156.0 (#66692) 9368025”.

Maybe the reason for this is that mask and blend files have “png” extension (textures have “dds”) and game currently doesn’t support modding files with such extension?

The game definitely supports both png and dds files in mods for other files. There are even cases where you can use a png in place of a dds file and the game accepts that. This seems to be a different issue.

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@Felizon89 Any chance that the developers will investigate this issue? I need masks to be loaded from mod folder in order for my upcoming environment graphics mod to work correctly when publishing to other people :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also found out that they don’t work as a permanent override from the user profiles folder either. So they really only can be used if you replace the actual game files.

Sorry for the late answer. I asked my team about it, as soon as I have more information I’ll tell you :slight_smile:

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Is there really something specific about the mask/blend files, that makes them unmoddable? :open_mouth: