Terrible efficiency of units after a newest patch

are you guys experiencing a terrible efficiency of units after a newest patch ? I downloaded the patch and tried new Mongol Event scenario. My horse archers just were just looking at Teuton Paladins who murdered them. When tasked to attack move they were often not intrested in attacking enemies. Weird thing also happend to rams for me. When tasked to attack move I hear that characteristic sound that I unable do something and my rams won’t move.

Did they do Uno? Ranged pathing bad?

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Did they fix the melee pathing by destroying ranged units? 11


Maybe you pressed the wrong hotkey. I think stop hotkey is next to no attack stance hotkey by default. Happened to me many times a while ago.

It didn’t happen to me when I played and I watched a stream where it didn’t happen either but right as I’ve seen a Discord pop up where someone mentioned this very post suddenly half the dude’s mangudai weren’t chasing enemy that where fighting in their LOS. I did notice that when he selected his army it showed no stance, so maybe some of his mangudai were on no attack stance and he didn’t notice. I did ask him in the chat but unfortunately he didn’t notice the question.