Terrible Game Performance (Help?)

So I purchased this game yesterday and I really want to enjoy it. When the performance is decent I do enjoy this game however I’ve noticed for most of the time my frames dip way below 60 even when there’s not much stuff going on. When the action really kicks in the frames really drop.

I don’t understand why this is happening because I believe my specs are more than enough for this game. Is it running like crap because I have a resolution of 3440x1440? Most of my games run fine with that resolution. Is there anything I can do or is there a patch coming out to address this?

Specs: RTX 3090, Amd 9 5900x, 64 GB of ram.

Try 16:9 aspect ratio. Game is really badly optimized(using mostly one/two threads of cpu) and any more content in the screen = lower performance(and 21:9 aspect ratio or higher will be slower cuz you see more).

Another solution could be try to overclock your cpu if you didn’t yet, you could maybe get some more fps this way.