Testing Steppe Lancer 1v1 fight

Here I have done a test of Post IMP Tatar Elite Steppe Lancer vs a generic Post IMP Britain champion. The Elite Steppe Lancer wins very narrowly, with only 9 HP left in this test. Maybe make the Steppe Lancer cheaper or give them more HP. Lat’s say 120 HP.

Even a generic POST IMP Paladin will win far more handily here vs the generic champion.

They will get cheaper with the next update (45 to 40 Gold if I recall correctly), so I think they will be easier to mass and thus we will see them a little more often in the future.

Do you think my test is a good idea? Doing 1v1 fights?

Well I like testing in general. But try your test again with 10 vs 10 units and maybe even with 40 vs 40 units. I think the bigger the battle, the bigger the advantages of the Steppe Lancer (because of the 1 range and being able to hit multiple units at once).

The issue with SL is the cumans ones. Silk armor does a lot for SL

No. The advantage of steppe lancers is they are easier to mass. Their strengths lie in numbers, stacking, and taking advantage of their extra range


Obviously the generic paladin wins easier. It’s a 75gold heavy cavalry unit, while the step lancer is a light cav.

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They are not “easier to mass” since the creation time is higher than a camel and their food cost is higher than any other barrack/stable unit so you can’t mass a lot of them and boom at the same time . . . and they also cost a good amount of gold.
I think changing from 45 to 40 is not enough, food cost should be reduced to 60 and creation time to 20 seconds.

I think it would be interesting to see 20 steppe lancers fighting other 20 from another civ (tatars, mongols, cumans)
On scenario editor i’ve done some 20 knights agains 12 knights and 10 steppe lancers and it worked pretty well for the 2nd group. The idea is for the SL to hit from the back.

Compared to any other general purpose unit they are absolutely easy to mass.

What do you mean bye “general purpose unit”? They are way more expensive than archers and even cavalry archers are cheaper than Steppe Lancers.

Units that aren’t counter units like skirms, pikes, camels, and the militia line.

Knights and archers are good examples of generalist units
Yeah those units are cheaper but they also train a lot slower.