Teuton not able to create Cannon Ship or Fire ship

New returner to AoE after almost a decade. Great game.
Now playing AoEII DE.
I play Teutons and can’t seem to create Cannon or Fire ships even though the tech tree suggests that I can after reaching Imperial Age.
I’ve tried researching Chemistry in case that is required but no difference.
No Cannon ships and no Fire ships.
Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Are you checking the second page of the dock? There is another technology specifically for cannon galleons you must research there as well - I will start a game and check myself but I am almost 100% sure Teutons can make them, will edit post after checking

-edit Confirmed Teutons are able to make cannon galleons and fire ships, if you are playing the campaign I think the Barbarossa campaign disables gunpowder weapons, if you are on skirmish or multiplayer it should work

Hi Sscral

Thanks for the quick and very helpful response.

What a fool I am!

I had never notice the arrow/2nd page before.

Now much happier to continue supporting the unloved Teutons.

Thanks, again, for your help.