Teutons buff spearman-line instead?

Give teutons spearmen, pikemen and halberdiers plus 1 range? Kind of of makes sense from a historical point of view. Germans were pretty famous for their pikes. Plus they had Switzerland under the Holy Roman Empire, who were famous for their pikes. Perhaps they lose halberdiers?

Their armour buff is removed and returned to normal. Would this Teutons spearman-line buff be even more OP than the armor buff?

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So Cheaper Kamayuks? no thanks MA is fine

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Some guy from the other thread was talking about this. So, I thought I’d make this thread.

I came out with that idea, and then retracted, because it was too OP, even only for pikes.


Tuets are my favorite civ to play as, so deal me in. Anybody I play is screwed via pointy deathball.

You know what? We could give the Turk spear-“line” +1 range from Castle Age and it would not be OP, but rather wierdly, perfectly balanced! :rofl:


It will give some hope to Turks in trash fights. However not sure how much it might actually help them there if at all.


Then why not carry on with THAT thread. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Like seriously guys its not helping to keep creating 100’s of threads that literally should be merged

Heck if you even read that thread you would’ve seen how opposed to this +1 idea everyone is


Ranged melee is extremely OP… it would make them stronger than champions. So no.

It will break the game. 1 in range its absurdly power full.
Teutons are pretty well balanced. Especially its pikeman that are of the best that can be found due to the economic bonus of the farms that makes you have wood and food to spare