Teuton's cavalry suggestion

Hey! So teuton’s cavalry are currently really strong vs other cavalry and infantry but are somewhat weak against crossbows and near from unplayable vs cavalry archer with husbandry.

So i can suggest something like :

  • Give them husbandry in exchange of bloodlines.
  • Give them additional melee armor (not for infantry).
    This way kts are still very good and very probably even better against other kts,
    Vs crossbow it is about the same weakness which is completly fine and are part of teutons’s identity,
    But vs cavalry archer, kts are no longer chasing cavalry archer without the possibility of hit them while keeping once again the weakness vs them which is missing bloodlines .

If teuton’s cavalry will be so good against other kts which i suspect then reduce farm bonus to original one , it will reduce their economy and so number of kts which can be created while booming.
Some of you will probably say scorpions are good vs ca and you will be right, but you need great investisment in these and it can be countered by just 1 mangonel with ca protecting them,or simply with thumb ring stagerred formation , they are also useless in imp.

Skirms are an option as well but with no bracer thumb ring are no longer an great option in imp and are again countered by mangonel or cavalry in combo.

Not to mention that these investisment are big so dont let you get many tc or Guard tower or even simply lot of army at home, and once again have no mobility so let you vulnerable to raiding.

The only real problem what i can see is nerfing more the scout cavalry in trash war which is currently OK and nerfing as well long feudal age with a lot of scout but i do think it’s fine with farm bonus and garrison bonus but you may consider giving them this additional melee armor in feudal age to compensate the lack of bloodlines, or light cavalry

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Giving husbanary to Teutons kinda destorys their identity: armored but slow Cavs. Sounds bad to me even if it can become balanced.


I’m pretty sure no bloodline knights are worse than no husbandry knights against archers.


Taking away bloodlines would make their knights suck. They don’t need husbandy. Even without it, they can tank arrows.

They are fine. Need no changes. Every civ has strengths and weaknesses, leave it at that. For example, Mayans (a great archer civ) suck really bad vs late game Goths. Where as Teutons are great at stopping the infantry flood.


Try removing the stable bonus - adding in the next update’s knights of the templar as a divergent upgrade to the palladin and add +2 melee armor on that / add in scout line upgrade. The upgraded scouts will do better vs archers as a soft counter while in the long run the knight line stays as is but with a cooler look while removing their castle age bonus - tho that may be kept depending on wording of bonuses.

Taking away bloodlines without at least adding the light cavalry seems a huge nerf to Teutons, not to mention that knights have no problem to catch crossbows (1.35 base speed vs 0.96), and even with husbandry in theory can’t catch cavalry archers (1.35 base speed vs 1.4).
No thanks.

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Suck ? For which reason they will tank more than generic kts
Teutons isnt fine that one of the civ which no one play because too bad in most cases ecxept in arena which is unchanged

I dont think its a nerf because of additional melee armor provided while keeping the possibility to fight vs ca but vs xbow i agree but they can add siege especially with farms discount il do agree however with light cav

Sure vs xbow its sure about it vs both other option thats a buff as for xbow you are not supposed to do full kts vs massed archers in this case husbandry can help a lot to block archers to get a good shoot

But bloodlines allows for that too as well? Also you mentioned the Teuton’s cav archer weakness, but other knight civs like Franks can struggle vs mass CA too. So giving Teutons husbandry and removing bloodlines would just make their knights run to their doom faster. Teutons would still be better of making siege against CA.

You are absolutely right with franks, ca is a very powerfull unit which often leads to transition but if husbandry is given and some number of kts is already in place before critical mass well these kts will continue to be usefull and can lead to combo while without husbandry ca’s raiding is just undealable and without this critical mass kts can kill these without anything but ofc siege or skirm will be probably a good idea at least mid castle

Don’t think them having both husbandry and high conversion resistance would be good for 1v1 balance

i Think the problem lays inbetween a newer concept for the teutons and an old identity the kept for a long time

and while i agree that +2 boost their late to an insane level the trifeling Counterpart of slow but strong unit doesnt reflect a counter to it anymore

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Sorry my english is not that best ahaha i havnt understand the last sentence

No. My strat with Teutons is mass scout, then monks n siege. Leave my slow boys be

change the meele armor to be +1 starting in feulal age (no more in later ages).

This gives them better early game witch more armored scouts and infatry AND nerfs their OP armored Paladins and makes their UU more relevant.

because Teutons are so overbearing right now with their paladins. oh wait. no, they aren’t.

how? its so slow it would still only see use in certain niche situations.

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100% agree with both answers. Teutons are fine as they are at the moment.

by nerfing its direct competitor, the teutonic champion.

people don’t even use teuton champions much either, normal infantry comps for teutons include the halb coupled with siege.

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