Teuton's Healing Fortress Formation Guide

I am looking for the future successors of this formation’s usage, come forth and enjoy yourselves - feel free to ask me any questions

In the scenario editor create a group of
29 Teutonic Knights, 21 Hand Canoneers, and 10 monks- put this group of 60 as htky group 1- square formation, stand ground.

On the enemy side place 120 paladins of any faction.

After testing this, message me here and we’ll talk about ways to add onto the Teutonic Healing Fortress’ entourage and talk tactics.

Basic Support Formations -
20 Teutonic Knights htky 2
20-30 palladins htky 3
3-9 bombard canons htky 4
2-10 seige onagers htky 5 (no attack stance)
30-40 Elite Skirmishers htky?
1 castle+4keeps filled with 60 hand canoneers

Here’s some great team compositions to use alongside the Teutons’ Healing Fortress and CO. -

Team 1:

  1. Teutons: 29 teutonic knights, 21 hand canoneers, 10 monks - square formation, stand ground hotkey-1+ 20 teutonic knights htky 2+ 20 up to 30 palladins hotky 3+ 3 to 9 bombard canons htky 4 + 2 to 8 siege onagers htky 5
    (Onagers/bombard canons - no attack stance)

Civilizations compositions to go along with this and fight alongside in battle -

  1. Goths - Huskarls for anti archer/siege support
    Utilizing their huskarls with care and healing often
  2. Byzantines - team bonus increases the healing fortress’ healing rate by 50% and cataphracts will generally have a good place to heal/retreat to on the front lines
  3. Italians - genoese crossbows to help counter ellephant civs and an addition of the condottiero to the team (teutons getting +2 melee armor allowing them to use them as scouts to help where palladins would have trouble, goths getting them cheaper as a weaker version of the huskarl in emergency situations and as a general rule helping the team counter gunpowder along the board)

Team 2:

  1. Teutons
  2. Goths
  3. Byzantines
  4. Portugeuse - fast imperial (around the 24 mark with 35 vills) into 10 feitoria + 19 pop (219) for unlimited walls/bombard towers for excessive defenses for the team at home/on the offensive+ sending excess resources to the goths/general team when needed and or continuously.

Team 3:

  1. Teutons
  2. Goths
  3. Italians
  4. Portugeuse

Team 4:

  1. Teutons
  2. Goths
  3. Franks - palladins
  4. Slavs - Boyars

Team 5:

  1. Teutons
  2. Byzantines
  3. Franks
  4. Slavs
    Behold the healing wheel of cavalry/fortune

Team 6:

  1. Teutons
  2. Teutons
  3. Teutons
  4. Goths

Team 7:

  1. Teutons
  2. Goths
  3. Britons - longbow support
  4. Portugeuse

Team 8:

  1. Teutons
  2. Italians
  3. Malians
  4. Goths
    Spam of condottiero and huskarl with a fast imp
    Mixing in the healing fortress when needed

Team 9:

  1. Teutons
  2. Goths/vikings/koreans/byzantines/
  3. Portugeuse
  4. Italians
    Water map supremacy + unlimited bombard towers/walls at home + unlimited wood

Team 10:

  1. Teutons - when allied with persians I suggest the healer’s 21 wololo salute variation of the healing fortress -
    29 teutonic knights, 21 monks, and 10 hand canoneers
  2. Goths
  3. Byzantines
  4. Persians - using the healing fortress as a prime support unit with +50% heal speed and range for their elite war elephants will prove useful - as well as the teutons conversion resistance bonus and ability to convert back converted ellies if needed

Here’s a link to my steam guide on the usage of our Teutonic Healing Fortress:

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