Teutons Towers+Castle Buff and other suggested changes

Crenellations gives +1 attack to towers(keeps specifically) and castles, as well as adds +1 range to towers alongside the usual +3 for castles (will still only have 13 range for castles)

The extra attack will bring keeps and bombard towers’ ranges to normal ranges while not buffing archer range and attack, and the attack buff will increase tower and castle attack to normal ranges as well when ungarrisoned

If a nerf is needed in the eyes of the public -
remove 1/0 armor from the stable bonus,

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Why? Do you think Teutons need a buff or change?

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Their’s too much of a focus on their palladins as of late to the point that they’re almost considered their castle unit as far as how often people will go for them and that they’ve passed slav boyars concerns me - returning to the roots of the teutons being a defensive civ will be healthy for the Teutons, and more fun - I feel that that will be a better focus for them going forward for buffs and nerfs for the Teuts

There are 2 issues with this suggestion:

  1. The description of the Crenellations tech becomes too lengthy. Almost all unique techs do just one very particular thing or two closely related things. Your version of Crenellations has : +1 damage to castles and towers, +1 range to towers and bombard towers, +3 range to castles, garrisonned infantry fires arrows. Anyone else feels like falling asleep halfway through this list?
  2. Removing 1/0 armor from stable units is a massive nerf. Much more significant than slight buffs to a situational Imperial tech that is Crenellations.
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I’d personally be open to removing the stable armor buff entirely - the barracks armor upgrade was the right way to go, however

Crenellations: garrisoned infantry fire arrows,
Towers +1 range and attack, castles + 3 range and +1 attack

Teutons were balanced nice civilization. I think adding melee armour to stable were a mistake and you are talking about buff a tech which makes castle arrows can reach bombard cannons.

Teuton castles currently have 13 range, after the buff they’ll still have 13 range, just one more attack - the blacksmith is missing the third and last archer attack and range upgrade - this will add that only to towers and castles - but at the same time keeping castle range at 13 and not in any way buffing archer range and attack

And I agree, armor to the stable seems like a mistake to me as well

Well, I do think Tuetons are well balanced.

However, if we want to get back to their roots, you could cut 1 melee armor on their cav, or maybe both, and instead give them their long range TCs again.

The long TC range makes their towns extremely difficult to attack, effectively negating mangonel pushes, and punishing both scouting and raiding.

However, it may not make them balanced, just… fun.

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  • tc range in castle age would be a good change but not in dark age, maybe feudal, but castle age is a good bet

You want bracer for just defensive buildings. I don’t think it’s important change because we usually spend stone to castles instead of towers in Imperial Age. Also Britons has a castle age unique tech (yeomen) which have tower +2 attack. I think most of players ignoring it and uses foot archer range.

I don’t think this changes anything. But maybe bombard cannon range helps multiple cannon firing troll. So I think it can be added. Most of players won’t use it like in Yeomen.

Lithuanians already has that one instead of this removing capping TC firing at +10 can be good enough.

That’s fair. I just miss my AoK Bombard TCs.

I tend to have a castle and 4 keeps and or 4 bombard canons on the west and east sides total (2 each on each side, or rather 4 of one type on both sides alltogether) it’s cheaper in stone than adding in a second castle if I limit it to 4 of one type and more practical in defending a limited focused space - for instance

Extra range on bombard towers will help with countering onagers earlier and keeps will gain better range to keep up nearer the castle range, if it’s keeps I usually try to fully garrison them with hand canoneers, but no need for the bombards

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Cool, but I think having 2 castles and having more Teutonic Knight production were important. Stable buff changed it.

I am not sure but castle must destroy onager before it’s reached.

That’s cool but I don’t think it can be done in a ranked game.

Developers add this to help this guys cool ideas and remove stable armour which is too strong.

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