Texas civ

I have no idea how to mod, but I think I have the beginnings of a cool civ design.

Texas design for aoe3


Gets (and ships) shipments twice as fast as other civilizations—this will let you ship many unit shipments, but upgrade type cards (eco and military) will cost 2 shipments to balance things out.

Your settlers will cost 130 food, they don’t gather extra fast. But they are hardy with extra Hp and resists.

Both of these together mean you’ll rely heavily on shipments to boost your military and eco, with a bad eco to compensate.

(The idea behind this was Texas relied heavily on volunteers)

ROSTER, age 2.

TEXIAN MILITIA, infantry, gunpowder infantry:

70 food, 10 coin.

120 Hp, 15% hr, 4.25 speed, 24 LOS.

20 ranged attack, 12 range, no multipliers.

15 hand attack, no multipliers.

5 siege.

The point of this unit is to be all around okay, without being able to really counter anything or Really do much damage. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to supplement these pitiful units with volunteers (not the unit) from your shipments.

TEXAS RANGER, cavalry, light ranged cavalry:

100 food, 80 coin.

180 Hp, 7.5 speed, 30% rr, 30 LOS.

25 ranged attack, 12 range, 2x vs heavy cavalry, 3x vs mercenaries and Native units.

15 hand attack, multipliers same as ranged attack.

8 siege damage.

This unit is basically a Dragoon that’s worse vs heavy cav, but better vs ranged units and mercenaries. It is also a good scout due to its higher speed and LOS.

Gains 2 range in the industrial age, and the imperial age.

RANCHEROS, heavy cavalry, heavy ranged cavalry, hand cavalry:

140food, 20 coin.

300 hp, 6.76 speed, 10% rr, 15 LOS.

28 ranged attack, 12 range, 2x vs light ranged infantry.

25 hand attack, no multipliers.

18 siege damage.

This is their anti skrim unit, they don’t have a proper hand cavalry.

ROSTER, age 3.

Same as the United States Regulars, but you just can’t get them till age 3.

ROSTER, age 4.

Just dragoons.

TEXAS MOUNTED MARINES, cavalry, heavy ranged cavalry:

630 hp, 6.75 speed, 20% rr, 15 LOS.

70 ranged attack, 12 range, 3x vs artillery and siege units.

70 anti ship ranged attack, 20 range, 4x vs ships.

30 hand attack, same multipliers as ranged attack.

80 siege damage.

Yes, mounted Texas marines were a thing (just for a short time), this is basically the US marine, but 2 pop and mounted.

Age 1 through age 2 represent settlers moving into Texas and the early days of the revolution—age 3 represents the bulk of the revolution—age 4 and age 5 represent the days of the republic; going all the way up to when they became part of the United States.

The Republic of Texas was a project I was working on last summer and fall, sadly still never reached a completed state as I got a bit burnt out on modding and with everything in general this year. If you want to learn how to do modding, working on something like Texas is an excellent starting point because it should be very easy to research and design from Texan history, you can utilize existing game assets such as voice acting, flags, and unit models (unlike something like Maori), and it sounds like a history you’re into so that’ll give you the spurs to push yourself into the tedious tasks of figuring out how it all works and getting it to function in-game.

Here’s some examples from my Texan design I was working on:

Civilization bonus:
Has Volunteer Camps which slowly train batches of units for free. (Had a few different bonuses for this I played around with, but the Texan Forts card seemed pretty iconic for what the bonus could be so I had to go with that one, and initially I couldn’t get the Fort to actually work with any new tactics so the volunteers ended up in a new building.)

Choose between historic figures from Texas history, a fusion of Politicians and Federal States. Each Age comes with XP crates and less of other resources like the United States’ age-up, and each Founder comes with cards such as The Mother of Texas offering The Long Republic card to boost Outaws and Mercenaries and allow the Volunteer Camp to recruit Filibusters. (Originally the age-up system was going to involve the myriad of flags that have flown over Texas and that ended up morphing into this iteration, with the flags design being used in my Circle of Ossus mod, not sure if I’d want to redo this and go back to the flags)

Unique units:

  • Texian Militia - Early skirmisher unit that attacks faster when low on HP. (One of the early Texan bonus designs was around the Alamo and Goliad where losing units bolstered the survivors, this was designed in the same vein)
  • Frontiersman - Musketeer that can charge into melee combat. (Inspired by Crockett, Bowie, etc. less ranged damage, more movement speed and melee damage.)
  • Texian Wolf - Skirmisher with target lock. (Named for the riflemen that thwarted General Woll’s forces at the Battle of Salado Creek. Maybe should just be a National Guard name for a Sharpshooter or some other base unit, but I was using Sharpshooters as part of the Volunteer Camp system at one point so this was a unique unit for Texas with different stats.)
  • (Dis)Mounted Ranger - A dragoon variant that can dismount into a stealthy ranged shock infantry. National Guard upgrade to Texas Ranger. (The iconic unit one would expect. An early design had them as a third cavalry type, but the more I read the more anti-cav/artillery made sense and they replaced Dragoons)

Unique Buildings:
Volunteer Camp - Slowly recruits volunteer units over time. Has a few choices by default, some others can be unlocked with cards, lets you supplement your forces with some different unit types:

  • A State Militia-based unit, representing the Americans who came to Texas to fight for independence.
  • A Chinaco-based unit, representing the volunteer cavalry units that formed.
  • A Musketeer-based unit, representing the Irish volunteers, at the battle of San Jacinto 1/7th of the Texian forces were Irishmen.
  • A Grenadier-based unit, representing one of the interesting parts of Texan history in that Bonapartist refugees came to Texas and tried to establish Champ D’Asile, this would be a card unlock.
  • A Lancer-based unit, representing the Republic of the Rio Grande and Laredo, Texas, also a card unlock.

Ranch - A Hacienda variant which produces livestock and resources instead of villagers. (It originally was using the Estate and Farm to represent the historic Texan corn cultivation with some Haciendas from the Mexican age up, but the livestock are such an integral part of the history this feels better. An earlier build had horses you could raise to sell on a Livestock Market, but I couldn’t get the animations to look good so they were scrapped.)

Of course a civilization isn’t complete without unique cards, and Texas history offers plenty of inspirations. (The Federal State-style age-up is a nightmare of a workload by the way, if you do 5 unique options per age that’s 40 cards you need to create, on top of whatever is in the default deck)
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WOW!!! You’ve done a ton of work already! I’m a Texan myself so to see how much you’ve studied such little details is awesome!
I thought about doing such an auto-train fiction as a civ bonus, but in my experience, such a thing is quite hard to balance—and that’s when I think of things like the dojo, which only start coming into play in age 3. There are a lot of things which you could use as a civ bonus, but the reason I chose the “send lots of shipments”, was to represent people coming from outside the state to help—as you mentioned people like David Crockett. I think an auto-train function would be still be good, but having it from the get go seems like it would be…to strange feeling??? As well as being hard to balance, but that’s just my thought.

My biggest problem that I was having with my idea, was What special unit shipments you could have, but a lot of this here seems like it could fill that.
The frontiersman for example; I feel like it would be strange to train big armies that represent people like Jim Bowie, but as a shipment, I could see that work very well.

I quite like the design of your Texian militia, losing Hp but becoming a better fighter would work quite well. But, if I were to try to make them your main age 2 force (which I think they should be), I feel like the skirmisher class wouldn’t work so well.

I chose to have the actual Texan Ranger be an age 2 unit, because they were actually around from the start—and I thought to make them kind of like a spy unit (and also a multi vs native units), rather then just a plain dragoon. To me this would seem to represent the real role, although also being a dragoon unit is still good.

I don’t know about the Texian wolf, I think you could have a card representing that, but to make an entire unit based around one guy seems off.

With my card design in mind, I think the state militia, musketeer, grenadier, chinaco and lancer units could all be shipments, and maybe some shipments to unlock certain ones. I chose to go with no normal hand cav because I couldn’t find any reference that Texas really used much of any hand cav—I found one mention of a group of guys being trained to use a lance, but not that they were actually ever used.

I LOVE the ranch.

As far as cards, there are a lot you could use and the ones you already have look great.

I was thinking of a politician/federal upgrade mix age up system myself—age 2 you would go with a politician, your choice effecting your whole game. But maybe the rest of the time you would use the federal age up system.

Love so much if your stuff man.

Wonderfull job dude, are you going to continue with it later or you are leaving the proyect for good?

It took a while due to the holidays and all to knuckle down and get it polished, but it’s here: Mods Single - Age of Empires

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