Text isn't showing proper information in spanish language

A lot of the text in spanish language are incomplete, not giving enough information on the news civ, it happens with all the news civs


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here i show screenshots and a small explanation for the english speakers:

1- “Reduces 25” what exactly is reduced 25? the producing time? the resource cost? just 1 resource? it just dont give enough info
2- “Reduces costs 25” now it gives the information about the cost, but is it just exactly 25? or its 25% ?
3- “Militar production increases 20” this one makes sense, but its still missing the % for it to be clear
4- “near villagers gets 60” , 60 what? hp? gathering speed? building speed?

The translation is literal, so if the translation im giving doesnt make sense, its because thats how its written in spanish