TG crashed for both me and a friend and it counted as a loss

Me and a friend were playing a 2v2 and were basically about to win and the game crashed for both of us and counted as a loss. Not sure if the enemy did something or whatever but this will be super annoying when ranked TG comes out.

That’s going to happen in any esport game. It can’t tell the difference between the game crashing and you hard powering the PC down or pulling out the network cable. It has to count as a loss or people would just deliberately make it happen in games when they’re losing to avoid it counting as a loss.

You should raise a support ticket and provide the requested files so they can diagnose the cause of the crash if it was due to a bug.

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Main issue is it happened to both me and my teammate which makes me think it was something the opponent did, obv our pcs didn’t just crash at the exact same time when the game never crashes for us.