TG Matchmaking is broken for low rated players as well

There is a big issue, that affects mainly lower rated players: smurfs
Now to be fair, every multiplayer game has this problem, and it is impossible to solve completely; but this game not only allows smurfing (like all the rest), but there is no punishment, and it is even rewarded and facilitated.

Since a couple of patches ago, the formula to gain and lose ELO was changed, allowing very high rated players to team up with lower rated players or smurfs. The average between their ELOs allowed them to play against oponents 500 or more ELO below.
With the old formula, they would win 0 points, but now, they get the same amount of points than beating an oponent in their level.

This means that just one low rated account can team up with high rated players to play a match vs a team with players up to 500 ELO lower, and gain points as if it was equal.

The current MM system takes into account the average rating of all players in each team, and matches both teams acording to that number. This kind of matching often results in games that are not balanced and players get stomped.

To solve all these issues, I believe that the MM has to be changed in two ways:
1- Go back to the old ELO system, or a better system, but the end result has to be that if a team wins a game with a player 300+ ELO above everyone else, they should get 0 points.
2- The MM system should only match two teams when all players are within a certain ELO range of one another, and only expand that range as time passes. this way, after -say- 5 minutes, you can decide to stop and restart the queue, in order to avoid teams with high ELO disparty.

What do you guys think? how can we make this issue get to the devs?
Me & friends are discouraged from playing anymore, because 1/3 games are smurfs or high+low team ELO matches


This system was even more terrible. Your rating did only reflect your play rate, not your skills.

This is an issue, but i dont know if just limit the Elo range within a team is THE solution. There are also option in which you use some weight average for teams in some way, where the highest player will get much more weight then lower rated players. I think i much more prefer such option.

There are alraedy more threads in which this issue is discussed in more detail. I would suggest you to look at Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues as example of such thread.

True that.

This is the place to discuss.
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