TG rank game's unfairness

  1. When people doing duo, they can ban more maps and probably choosing their prefer map, this is super ridiculous.
    Tell me what is the justification behind this? Because they have 4 people so having 4 choices?
    People doing Duo is already having advantages compare with the solo player queue.

  2. When people doing solo queue in long term, everytime they won a game it gives them 16-18 points and when they lost a game, it only deducts 5 to 10, for those solo player win rate on TG will be far lower than 50% because of this. I saw some one is 44% on TG, but actually he’s pretty good in his elo. The only reason to explain is he’s doing solo all the time.

  3. I think those solo queue and team rank queue should be separated in matching system, at least, for the first 10 mins of queuing, if you disagrees that, probably you are doing the Duo queue and enjoying having a more high rate winning rate on this unfairness.

  4. I always having experience while my team is average in 2200, and the opponents are duo with 2400 up, if you are saying there’s no many queues in that elo, then let them wait, playing those game is definitely 100% lose. It’s just wasting the players time.

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Elo win / lost dont depend on being solo or duo. It is a flaw in the current calculation. For more info:

For all elo TG ratings are unreiable, which resulted in bad match ups. I never had a quality TG. It was always one sided. I stopped playing TGs at all for that reason. 1v1 games are much more equal / balanced. In 1v1 those issues with elo dont really apply.

wow, thanks for this, it’s really asking a good question there.
Yes, I agreed with you, but 1v1 is really too tide, sometimes I would choose 4v4 to relax.
For my experience, there are around 2 to 3 games out of 10 that, you can feel the match is kind of balance. It’s really a kind of bad experience of having such unbalanced matching in Team rank, it’s really just wasting of time.

And to those playing smurf account for helping your friends climbing up, or those smurf team who wants to get fun of winning, I will say: go to hell
I know smurf is everywhere, but talking about an hour game, this is really wasting everyone time.

For my own stat.

I played around 400 1v1 game and now I am 1500.
I played around 200 TG (I always taking solo queue) and now I am 2200.
Almost every game I beat my opponents (if they are 2300 or below), but still, I am stucked here and my win rate of TG is almost dropping below 50%. It was 55% 2 months ago.

I don’t think solo queue and team rank should be separated. All games works this way and aoe2 has a small community split across regional servers so basically your idea is impacting wait time more than solving the core problem.

But I agree with you on the fact that we favorite a map and we don’t get it. I myself solo queue a lot favoring arabia map in 2v2,3v3,4v4 (all checked) then I get Arena or Hideout which is the opposite of what i want to play so I just alt f4 and queue again.

So yes we need to improve favorite map system as I explained in this post to prevent these inconveniences.

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just dont play TG Matchmaking then. If you feel forced to go alt f4 only because you are not flexible enough to play other maps except one, you dont need to destroy up to 7 other players fun.

if you need arabia only go lobby browser or back to voobly. or just play 1v1 where you will most likely get your arabia in 80%+ of the games.

and regarding the orginal topic:

you can only ban 1 map if you queue 4v4 alone to make sure that there is a map left in the pool that is not banned by anyone. because if you get a game with 8 random people, everyone bans a different map there will be one map left that noone had banned. that is just how the current matchmaking works.

also i dont understand the point of win rate and queuing solo or not. if you are better than your current rating you will rise. in fact it is pretty much impossible to not rise in elo the way elo is done right now. and if you do not manage to rise: maybe you are just not a better player. there is a big difference between playing 1v1 or TG. a lot of strats that work for 1v1 are not good in TGs. maybe that is something you should consider.

and no way they should split up queues. queue times already are pretty long. if you split up between people playing alone and people queuing up as a team queues will just take forever or games will get even more unbalanced.

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according your reply, I can 100% sure you are the duo team players.
And All of your comments sounds non-logical to me.
Therefore I dont plan to comment your points.

i sometimes queue up alone, sometimes with friends. i dont really experience any difference in skill level of my opponents.

and that elo should rise basically by itself is pretty much a fact just by how it is calculated right now.

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everyone has a choice to ban 1 map,
it’s funny if they are doing duo game with 4 ppl in a team, they can ban more maps because of this and someone said it’s fair.
What I see is they should be treated as 1 guy and ban 1 map only.
Learn how to play other maps except Arena or
If they cannot handle this, go to play 1v1 so they can keep Alt F4 to get the Arena map.

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Last 2 weeks the waiting times for the queue in tg 2500 are up to 10 mins, clearly that is half the activity from other months, the MM and map pool seems to be playing an important role.

Fall guys has family share disabled on steam, that could fix smurfing a lot with this game.

agreed, smurf in AOE is really disgusting thing

the reason why I kept doing TG in ranked game is to surfer myself in 1v2 in flanks.
In my current ranking people doing pockets are always pretty bad for a full boom, 1v2 for the first 40 mins is very common.
For those who think solo queue is fair, try doing it in 30 to 50 games and tell me what your win rate is : )

I mean, it’s obvious to even a remotely objective observer that TG’s have different rating growth than 1v1’s, and that TG rating is absurdly inflated. Fixing that would require changing the rating growths for TG’s and then resetting ratings.

Statistical distribution falls evenly around the starting point unless subjected to an outside influence. Ratings start at 1k, and you can see that the 1v1 ratings fall roughly evenly on both sides (with a slight overall skew upwards as a result of early games giving more weight as to where you should be placed) whereas the practical midpoint of TG’s is nearing 1500, meaning the rating system is naturally pushing people above their starting rating and artificially increasing rankings.

No doubt that creates a huge amount of ranked unfairness. As someone who does not play team games, if I decided to queue up and play I’m incredibly likely to play against someone nowhere near my skill level even if I’m an average player and would continue to do so until I’m at least 1400 TG ELO. This is going to create a lot of sour players at the bottom end of the curve, which is a bad thing.