TG Rating vs 1v1 Rating (Matchmaking)

Hi Devs,

I am a 1000 ELO player on 1v1 (17,000 ranking in the world) and when I play team games I play with my friend who is much better, 3000 ranking in the world (around 1400 ELO).

Our team game ranking is around 10,000 in the world which works mostly as he usually carries our team, even though our team game rankings and elo ratings are very similar. Because we are playing with people around the 10,000th best in the world he is better and I am worse so it balances.

But when I play on my own, my team and I usually get crushed, because DE thinks I am much better than I am because I normally play with my friend who is much better than me and so I have this “inflated” rating. Likewise, when he plays on his own he normally wins, and so it is not so fun. What’s worse is when I play with other friends who are very new to the game and don’t play so often and are much worse than me DE assumes I am very good because of my “inflated” 10,000 in the world ranking, and so we always get stomped on.

Also Team Game rankings seem very unreliable, my TG ELO is 800 higher than my 1v1, but sometimes I see people who are much better than me at 1v1 with TG ELOs the same as their 1v1 ELO.

So, I think it would make sense to factor in the 1v1 rating as well as the TG rating, because the 1v1 rating is so much more accurate to how good a player is. I hear chat on streams saying that they’re 1300 1v1 and 2200 TG and stopped because they play against people like Slam and it’s not balanced even though according to the TG ratings it is balanced.

Taking into account 1v1 as well as the team game rating would undoubtedly help, and maybe my friends who are much worse will come back to play with me. And maybe I would occasionally play team games on my own because I won’t always get stomped. For players who don’t have a 1v1 rating, then I understand just only using their TG rating in the matchmaking equation makes sense.

tl;dr - DE thinks I’m a top player because 80-90% of the time i play together with my high rated friend, so whenever I play on my own, or even with my newbie friends we always get stomped and so have stopped playing. TG rating is very inaccurate.


There are more issues then just inflated TG ratings because of being carried. That makes they whole TG ladder unreiable. The devs really need to fix this.


most other games just have seperate elos for each match up… random team elo, arranged team elo FOR EACH TEAM, 1v1 elo, etc

when i get matched in 2v2 it should never care how good my 1v1 is because its almost a completely different play style as you yourself prove in your own post

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Both ratings influence each other when you play your first couple of matches, for example if you’re 1900 1v1 you will get much quicker to a 1900 TG rating than a 1000 1v1 rating player, even if both players never lose a game. I agree that your solution would be better, enough players that play TG regularly have >10games in 1v1 so that this would work. The system should add sth to your 1v1 rating (because there are more TG players so TG ELO is higher for the avg player), if you have one, and then take the average of both your ratings when searching for a TG.

Pros don’t play that much TG and prefer lobby games with other pros, they don’t like the maps as much and more importantly it is obviously hard to find a balanced 4v4 for them, that’s why their rating isn’t as high. If you’re 2k2 you just have to live with that, 2k2 isn’t that low and you will learn a lot by playing against good players. Their problem and a general problem maybe is that TG rating is inflated, there was a problem with how ELO gain was calculated for TG that got fixed but the rating is still inflated, there should be a TG ELO loss so that the average ELO is 1000 as it is for 1v1.

You could make another account to play with your newbie friends, so it will have a rating consistent with your collective performance. You don’t need to buy the game again to do that, both Steam and Xbox have ways for multiple accounts to share the same game copy.


I think game is already doing this.

Question. Do you enjoy these unbalanced team games? If you stop inflating your elo (teaming with much better players and getting carried) you would not have any issue. Game in my opinion is much more enjoyable when players have close skill level. And believe me! you can even make new friends when queueing solo in the TG ladder…

The only reason my team ELO places me at the 10,000 ranking in the world, when my 1v1 places me at 15,000 is because I nearly always play with someone ranked in the top 5,000. We both have the same team game ELO and apparently are both 10,000 in the world ranking even though he is much, much, much better than that, and I am worse. See? It’s not a playstyle thing, although there are some differences I agree, like communication and double teaming. But the 1v1 rating is the BEST reflection of your skill by far, and the team game is horribly wrong, and as I say in my post puts me and my new friends off playing because the team game can’t disambiguate actual skill.

I agree balanced teams are fun, and actually when I play with my stronger friend the teams are very balanced and we lose half the time, win half the time and the games go long too.

It is more fun playing with my friends on voice chat, than playing on my own. Much more fun. So if the matchmaking was more intelligent and could credit the better players with more ELO, or factor in how many games the player has played, or even better to look at the 1v1 rating then this would help a lot.