Thank You Devs for New Animations For Plaza/Marketplace

Basically Title. Both the community plaza’s and tribal marketplace’s tasked villagers look much better, and I am glad the devs listened to the feedback. Not sure if anyone has talked about it, but wanted to say that I very much enjoy and appreciate it. Thank you, devs!


Yes, i asked for this too and I’m glad they gave them better animations. The marketplace change was a welcomed one


I’m also happy with the change, compared to the previous animations, I thought it would be nice to see people discussing issues related to the good of the village, or the city, it was something I expected, but I also expected some villagers weaving, some villagers making pots , other men and women dancing. All were activities of these indigenous squares, which gave strength to the local community at that specific moment. Yes, it could improve, but I think that something is better.