Thank you, devs

I appreciate the small updates that fix little bugs. I expect that these types of programming issues are trickier than adding new units and single player content. The creative sorts can make stories, and maps. But the math and logic experts solve the pathfinding, or bonus damage calculations, and back-end things that we never directly see, such as all that networking logic.

Thank you for keeping AoE2 classic while also making it up-to-date. I hope you enjoy your jobs! I’ve heard game dev is a tough field, so thank you for sticking it out for this classic game.



And also thanks for finally releasing the roadmap.


Loving this game for a long time, happy that it’s gotten a definitive edition and I feel it’s in good hands.
Love it even more now, and it’s even more approachable by new players, which that is wonderful for longevity. Looking forward to, and here’s to, the future. :beers:


its awesome, more fixes than I expected, and much sooner (the market fix)

appreciate all the effort they put in and sounds like they are going to do it more regularly next year? thats a really good sign


Thank you Devs for still ignoring the broken team game ladder. It isn’t even mentioned anymore under “Ongoing Investigation” :clown_face:

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Thanks to the devs for the latest patch. Seems to have fixed the attack move problems (with mounted units), that was crucial for me!

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Thank you so much for creating such an incredible game. I have been playing AOE2 for years and it is still one of my favorite games of all time. The level of detail and depth in the game is incredible, and I always find something new to explore. I am so grateful to you for creating such an amazing and timeless game. Thank you so much!