Thank you for the cosmetics pack

Looking forward for more :slight_smile:


I’m not holding my breath on this, but architecture sets would be really cool. Maybe you could set your buildings in your homecity to a color scheme or style and have it reflected on the in-game models.


As long as the profits go to 3DE itself and not other games I’m down for supporting the devs and the game in any way I can.


Skins for buildings would also be nice and not impede balance in any way. Skins for individual units might be questionable from balance perspective, but builds and explorers are cool.


Thank you. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’m a completionist so the fact that I couldn’t access some skins due to time-limited events made me stop playing the game. I’ll be jumping back into it now!

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So I’ve just downloaded the Cosmetic Pack Vol. 1, and realized that not all previously released skins are included. I’m glad I can finally be a Roman Centurion, but how about a US Astronaut? Will the missing skins be included in Vol. 2?

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Why not add the skin of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? I hope there will be more skin of kungfu characters.

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