Thank you for the Modding Tools!

actually mods in coh2 used the same system and also were not signed, instead relic uses a list of filetypes allowed in mods and if the contents dont match that list the game wont load it.

Do those who have access to the editor know if we can edit population limits by changing pop space to .5? (either by changing overall limit)

Can I download a mod with no-bug Delhi now?

Finding the refferences for that seems pretty hard…
Pop is mentioned like 2400 times… And 30 times in the market area…

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If only they had unlocked the zoom capability that the editing tools have in-game…

With that said, depending on the level of granularity and creativity that these tools allow for, they could be a game changer for us who have stopped playing the game:


  • Graphics improvements all around (the chickens still aren’t animated :P)
  • Unlocking zoom in/out capabilities
  • Giving the game some damn character, adding more unique units and making them visually outstanding
  • etc, etc

graphic related stuff is not changeable due to the game not allowing those files as part of mods.
the new essence engine uses .fbx as format for models which is usable by pretty much any 3d modeling software, but Relic would have to lift those file restrictions for people to make use of those things.

there is still a chance that there is a workaround however


What about the UI? …may be someone can teach relic how to do a RTS UI for a medieval game ?


In this case mods are useless. Graphic is one of the worst thing in this game.


Finally! Thank you for giving the mod tools (even at the earliest stage, it is okay).

Is that specific list of files? I can still create a new file with the same file type right?

restriction just applies to file types, a new file with a usable file type is not an issue

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it would be better if they make damage adjustment easier.
Mongol stone cost cannot be found in the tool to adjust.
Otherwise, very promising tool.
So far, I am satisfied and created lots of mods today. (basically to fix the game, for the devs 11)

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how to solve?

If you download the AoEIV Beta through the Steam Client you can access it by going to the AOEIV Steam folder (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV) and launching “EssenceEditor.exe”

Hey all! We appreciate your interest in the Age of Empires IV Content Editor (Beta). Launching the EssenceEditor.exe this way is not supported at this time and will result in mod data being written to your Retail My Games folder, instead of the Public Update Preview environment.

Please only launch via Steam if you received a key, or else hold off on launching via this route.

You can find more information HERE.


How do I get the key?

bugged as i expected

But most people did not get the key and there was no way to apply for a key to my knowledge. Even insiders did not get it. So I guess only few content creators got a key ? Why it was not made part of PUP ?


Mods are usefull to make important things . And graphics :


It’s only a bug with monitors , nothing more , the game has been greatly updated and now it’s worth it , no more excuses my dude , the game is really nice now and the possibilities with the editor are almost endless


I do have 1 big question, can the UI be modded as well? don’t have time or access to the editor, i do think what i’ve seen of it so far gets my interest, not exactly age style editor, but still clearly powerful, reminds me strongly of starcraft 2