Thank you for the Modding Tools!

While they are complicated and will take some time to get used to, the possibilities with your Content Creator seem vast and plentiful!

Would have preferred an in-game editor like the older games though, as it was easy to quick test your scenarios there.

Anyway, I take your tool over any lazy editor that can only do multiplayer maps :slight_smile:


How much freedom do you have with the editor?

Are you able to import assets and create new units for example?
Or perhaps change stats of specific units?

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Is there early access to the editor? seems like I missed the call!
Im an avid modder and would love to get a link or someway to learn more

Tuning packs allow you to create an alternate set of unit stats that overwrite the standard statistics within Age of Empires IV.
The elements you can change with tuning packs include such things as unit toughness, attack damage, speed, build time, resource cost, and even the fundamental way they make attacks.

Tuning Packs – Age of Empires Support

There also is:

Game Modes – Age of Empires Support

Crafted Maps – Age of Empires Support

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Hmm interesting.
Im curious about how far a skilled modder can push these tools.

Could potentially make the game really interesting.
Perhaps we may see units/factions we wished were in the game modded in :smiley:


If you download the AoEIV Beta through the Steam Client you can access it by going to the AOEIV Steam folder (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV) and launching “EssenceEditor.exe”

Afaik it will be added as “Tool” in the Steam Client later on.

Content Editor Basics – Age of Empires Support


Am I missing something here? To me, content is not the same thing as a mod. A content editor is not a modding tool. Is this really the modding tool?

Can this be used to create equivalent mods to those in AoE 2 DE, such as small trees? Can it be used to replace the icons in the actions panel with the AoE 2 DE icons?

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Judging by the fact one of the mods already in the preview resizes wolves I’m willing to assume other assets can be tampered with.

Check out the video to see what the tool is capable of.
The tool looks complex enough to allow experienced modders to create a lot of things. But only a modder would be able to say for sure.


so no importing of models or animations?


Under the “empty extension” option i’d imagine there are lots of things you can do.

decent, sad they are only giving access to the age insiders, I’ve stopped playing the game and doing mods was the only thing I was gonna come back for, sadly I wont get access, so seems I am not coming back, not even the patches have anything exciting in them.


Everyone on Steam can download it by switching to the beta branch, can’t they?

nope only accessible to age insiders, you need to get a special code by email. another reason i am not even bothered about abandoning this game.

This is a preview of the Season One content, which will be released to everyone at some point in the future.

Modding is confirmed for Season One:

bruh you can play it haha , even if you are not an insider you just need to activate the beta and then go to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV) and launch “EssenceEditor.exe”


I have heard about 17th of March, so it is very soon

decent, any way to extract models to see the poly count on the models them selves to know what to work with?.

Anyone cares to explain or direct to how to play created my created map or upload it? didnt find it on the guide

There is an AoE4 Modding Discord: AoE4 Modding
In that community they were literally debugging and pulling the game apart before these modding tools were available. Everyone there seems rather excited now.

Yesterday’s discussion they were talking about extending the possibilities with lua/scar scripts. It also looks like they are coming up with a way to write in TypeScript to compile to Lua (the script language the game uses)

In this screenshot below, they are talking about a specific file and whether it’s digitally signed to prevent modifying the game in certain areas. They were saying that they tried it a month ago and it didn’t work, where now it seems that the game will run anything you throw at it. Hopefully that sticks.


Now that is more like it, if that remains the case we’ll have true modding rather than just content editing.