Thank you for the wallpapers!

Yes indeed! I wish all other Civs had that! :heart_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Talkin’ bout these by the way:

And specifically, I’m grateful for making them readily available, in various resolutions.

The worst wallpaper is that Ottomans. It is garbage.

Awfully negative are we?

Ottoman is personally one of my favorites, while it might not be as “exciting” as it others, the details on the architecture is what I love most about it.

I dont really care to much about whatever “figures” font the picture, I am more interested in the environment and architecture surrounding them.

Only wallpaper better than the ottoman is the Dheli as you get to see more of its surrounding.

Yes Ottomans are free dlc others are paid dlc. If no money, no effort.

The Byzantines’ and Japanese’ artworks are conceived differently than the others coming before. Only those 2 are actually wallpapers.

All other artworks blush compared to these, so you should compare the Ottomans one to the non-DLC.

But that’s not the point of the topic! I’m not thanking the Devs for making such beautiful wallpapers but for making them available, also in various resolutions, in the news.

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Talk about being selective.

I found one that looks just fine.

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Others are awesome but Ottomans is just fine, so many thanks dear devs.

They are beyond " just fine" Ottomans civ is lazy, cheap making at every aspect.:rofl:

if Ottomans are so “bad” and low effort? What about English?

Thats just a strælbora and some mountains and not much else.

Or the one I dislike the most:

The french, as it is just a myriad of mess when it comes to colors and banners.

In the end, you are free to have your own opinion of it. But that dosn’t mean it is bad.

For me, Ottoman is one of my favorite ones.

From the way you write your posts and your post history is well, seems more like Salty behavior than anything else.

I appreciate this artist good honest and hard work for these amazing wallpapers.

Some falls better into some peoples taste, some less, such is the nature of art.

English use the most unit longbowmen so artist draw the longbowmen. At least we see the mountain. We only see some guy at the Ottomans. :rofl:
I like French, I think it is awesome.

well there ya have it, its a matter of taste.

I don’t like the french because I find it to messy.
As well as loss of potential to do something awesome with the Royal Knights, having it more in the style of the mongol one with a army of Royal knights in full plate armor, charging from horseback with Joan in the lead, dotted in the front with Arbaletiers using Pavises as cover, those pavises being covered in the iconic Fleur de liese of the french.

BUt such is with every artwork.

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