Thank you Microsoft, I will become child again!

I was like 6 or 7 when aoe came into my life. My dad gave it to me and I was sooooo enthusiastic! I loved the game back then and I love it still. This remake thing is the best thing in the whole world right know. I couldn’t even understand anything back then as I am not native english speaker. I still played it, and finished all campaigns as a near toddler lol.

Anyway, micsoft, I love you. Best gift ever, you’re giving part of my childhood back.

Thank you.

I believe many of us feel the same way as I do and I really appreciate your work on this.

Welcome to AoE channel of us

I was near graduation of high school back then, was a great era for games. Played tons of AoE and RoR Trial until I had the money to get the full thing.