Thank you Relic + whoever else worked on the coming DLC

The community asked for Byzantines and Japanese and you delivered. Two of the most popular civs in the game. Personally, i hope the civs are fun to play. I don’t care if they are strong or weak (i am a casual player).

The game is getting better and better.

Thank you for your commitment and continued effort to fix the bugs and improve the game in almost every aspect.


The AOE4 Team should get raise or atleast a bonus for a job well done, definitely gonna buy the DLC. Thanks and always Tenno Heika Banzai!


the expansion name is Sultans Rising, yet we are yet to see a Sultan-based civ.

Perhaps we will see a 3rd civ?
There were big talk about this going to be the biggest expansion for AOE4.

And there is a Sultanate that fits AOE4 era just perfectly consider the setting of the game aswell.

The Mamluk Sultanate.

You know, the guys throwing sabers at people from camelback from AoE2.

But yes, AOE4 Dev team is doing god’s work! It’s great to see them bust the doom and gloom from all the people that been preaching that AOE4 is a dead game.

Brings me warm fuzzy feelings.


I think there are 2 other civilizations, in the last postcard you can see two more behind it, counting the discontent of some in the previous civilizations I think they publish 4, then the last announcement didn’t seem like something finalized to me, but only the beginning, it seems strange to me to announce 2 civilizations so slowly given the loss of hype that costs in waiting, even if it were, in my opinion it would be a good move to publish 4, given the vast amount of time it would allow, if they only publish 2, players will get bored more quickly.

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What is ur opinion what that 2 civs will be? Someone posted some artwork published by aoe that is possible Persian architecture

I don’t know much about history, but I think that the Persians are a civilization that does not match with the years of setting of Age of Empre 4 for the rest I have no idea, there are some civilizations, which I would like to see, but only opinions persoli, nothing recondiuabile to the expansion, although I must say that among these there are the Venetians, who had relations with the Byzantines and the Ottomans, for the rest there are other civilizations like Morocco and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, although I think they did not last long, so I have no idea. There could be the Koreans or the Vietnamese since the first of them is in demand and they are other Eastern civilizations, which would fill more variety, given the high presence of Western and Middle Eastern civilizations.

It’s The Sultans Ascends…

At that time it was part of the Abbasid Caliphate, but it could appear as a playable civ in the Abbasid campaign (since you have Saladin’s photo)…another civ that could appear as a playable or enemy civ, both in the campaign and in multiplayer, it would be Jerusalem Kingdom/Crusader States…

It will be incredible to see the Byzantines in the game finally. Looking forward to playing.

If a fourth and third civilization really can come… I would like to be able to play as the Timurid Empire. I really wanted to see Persian-style cavalry, with war elephants and chariots present in battles. I’m curious to see a visual design of the chariots of the Timurids.

But also, it would be really cool to see the Kingdom of Jerusalem, depending on how it’s done, it could be a pretty iconic civilization.


Wasn’t the dehli persian at this time period?

I just mentioned Persians because someone said like some artwork

Delhi Sultanate, is located in the north of India and is a mixture of peoples (are they Muslims + Turks + regional Indians?). Some old topic, this has already been explained.

Yes, everything can be…

Yes, a civ very focused on the Crusaders and religion…

Eh more or less…the rulers of the sultanate were of Persian origin, while the population was from India…

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Wholeheartedly agree, thank you devs for listening and I am so excited! I have been playing almost every day since launch and I still love the game, I am glad to see that it is getting such a big DLC. I would happily pay more for more stuff!


I locked in my copy on steam yesterday