Thankyou for the update. Now i JUST LOST my RECORDED GAME REPLAY

There needs to be a way to PERMANENTLY save replays so they can be viewed later. Either use the existing game, or create an entirely NEW application for the express purpose of “porting” and then “viewing” replays. :smiley:

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There is some way to roll back to previous patch so you can watch those recorded games. For some games is it pretty easy on Steam to roll back. For this game i dont know how to do it. If you play in microsoft store, i have no idea too.

Except there is not. Also, that is a rather vague statement. If someone has claimed that such a process is possible, then you must request evidence first. Then submit the evidence for evaluation. :smiley:

I have heard people roll back. I have seen people claiming to have a guide for it. I never asked for the guide, because i didnt need to previous versions at some point.

Isnt also the current Red bull toernament played on previous patch? So the new balance dont mess things up?

Lol… Just asking… You know people can lie, right?

A claim does not substantiate an argument.

That is not evidence of the ability to “roll-back” an update.

You know updates can be paused, right? It is also possible that the players in that specific tournament are using a special version. Also, compatibility would most probably, only, be restricted to players of the same “version” Which is the case for AoE 1 DE on the Microsoft Store. :smiley:

This is invalid.

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I’ve read an Age youtuber (Colin AoC iirc) who said he was going to do that (it was for the march patch) so that he could have his recorded games in his videos. Why would he have any interest to lie?

Youtubers do that all the time to be able to post videos of games they hadn’t have the time to finish yet.

No special version was mentioned anywhere, and no one said that people who let their game auto update will be kicked out of the tournament.

No need to be a debater douche, man. We get it.

Edit: I want to be clear; this wasn’t intended as an insult or personal attack. It was meant to imply that I feel he was more interested in winning a debate than having a normal discussion. Normal discussion on a subject always includes subjective information and natural assumptions. Chancier didn’t seem to be interested in that based on the way he composed his messages. I must have misunderstood how people read my statement and I do apologize for the obvious misunderstanding between me and the rest of the community. I also (honestly) felt that “jerk” was worse than “douche” in this context. I was trying to be as light as possible. Looks like I need to work on my own composition :sweat_smile:

You could also give some proof of your own, that you can’t roll back at all, otherwise it’s a claim with some evidence and words to back it vs absolutely nothing since you have no outside information at all.

Seriously?! This is still happening?? I’m pretty sure old replays have been made unwatchable with every patch iteration in HD, if I’m not mistaken, and now with DE, too? Even old saved games in past patch AoE2 patches have been rendered obsolete and unusable. I know the latter has been an issue, at the very least.

More care truly needs to be taken to preserve the watchability and loadability of past games made in previous versions. I don’t save replays and games on my hard drive just to be able to watch or use them for only 3 or 4 weeks. They should function for decades.

So, if no care is going to be taken to preserve their viewability in patch updates, then, yeah, creating a completely separate application with the sole purpose of allowing us to watch them any time we want needs to be made. And for saved games, just make them loadable. Many games do patch updates while still allowing you to load previous saved games.

Apparently you can go on these guys’ ( Discord to ask about reverting your game’s updates.

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Thankyou for taking the quote out of context. Also, you know people can be FACTUALLY WRONG and still be tell ing the truth, right?

Maybe the youtuber thought they could, and then claimed they could.

The denotative defintion of a lie is:

Intentionally stating something which is factually incorrect.

Thus if you UNintentionally state something which is factually incorrect. It is NOT a lie. Because it is the word “intention”, which has the most significance.

You still have yet to provide actual evidence. Stating that someone, somewhere, somhowm did something, which you provide, no evidence, right here, right now. Is NOT evidence.

I stated it was a POSSIBILITY. I DID NOT state it was a “certainty”. You have not understood the statement.

If i was to such illogical methods as you have just demonstrated, then i would simply state that while watching the “redbull” tournament, when i asked what version the tournament was using, and how the players in the tournament were able to use the specific version, without having to update the game and thus not have to go through any potential game balance changes of the actual game,; thereby keeping the tournament rules and gameplay logic consistent.

Then i would just state that the viewers on twitch stated that the player participants were using a “special beta version”, which had to be downloaded. However, i WOULD NOT “officially” state such a thing, since i have NO EVIDENCE to PROVE, that anyone, actually stated anything. :smiley:

Guess what. You are correct, and neither did i. In fact, no one, not even myself, stated anything about anyone getting kicked out of any tournament. You simply, quite possibly, if not probably, “misinterpreted” my statement.

My statement to which you are possibly referring to, does not mention anyone getting kicked out of any touirnament in any way, shape, or form. It only specifies, that “those on a different game version”, CANNOT play against each other. Since two (2) different versions, will NOT be compatible with each other.

Here is a note to you:

Learn the CORRECT DEFINTION of words.

Learn to use the PROPER CONTEXT of a sentence and/or paragraph.


Except i am not. Someone used subjectivity. I rejected the subsequent subjectivity, and explained the logically inconsistent statements and any possible contradictions.

That statement is illogical.

First i never made any claim at all in the original post. So if you are referencing any subsequent post, or more specifically the the response i gave here:

Then i would, subsequently state, that your statement is illogical and takes that specific quote out of context. I do not have to “prove the negative”. I was merely stating that without evidence to “prove to positive”, then you simply have no evidence.

I did not make a claim. I REJECTED a claim. based on the LACK OF “EVIDENCE”. There is a “difference”. :smiley:

So far, no one has provided any evidence. Therefore this statement is factually wrong.

Why must i, or anyone else, “prove the negative”? If you, or anyone else, makes an assertion, it is your responsibility to prove the claim. Not those who REJECT the particular claim, on the basisi of NO EVIDENCE.


Thankyou. I should also note, in addition, to what you have just stated; That, since each patch is usually around 500 megabits or less, it could be possible. Simply have a system designed, to swap between different patches. There was even such a patch available years ago for the original AoE Conquerors. I think it was called AoE 1.0e or something like that. Which allowed one to switch between the varions patches such as 1.0, 1.0a, 1.0b, 1.0c.

I still prefer the original “turtle ship” design. :smiley:

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Thankyou for the information. Even though it is not exactly evidence, at least you have been able to provide a potential path which may produce results. :smiley: