The 5 Most Wanted DLC Civilizations (Recommended Time Periods)

Below are the DLC civilizations I want in the game. This is based off of the “Which civs would you like to see added first in DLC?” thread:

The conditions and targets of my choices are that the civilizations do not overly exceed the 1550s~ time since most current civilizations we have now ended somewhere in the mid to early 16th century anyway.



  • Heian period (794-1185 CE)
    Relic should start from the year 794 when the capital was moved again to Heian-kyo (modern Kyoto).

  • Kamakura period (1185-1333 CE)
    This is the period in which the Japanese defended its country against the nightmarish Mongol empire.

  • Muromachi period (1333-1568 CE)
    Because most current AoEIV’s civilizations ended at around early to mid 16th century, I think 1568 is the perfect cut off for the Japanese. Ashikaga Yoshiaki’s control immediately began to fall from year 1568 and onwards.

(technically 395-1453 CE) (recommended: 518-1461 CE)


  • Justinian Dynasty (518-602 CE)
    This is the Byzantine Empire’s first golden age under Justin I’s rule.

  • Macedonian Dynasty (867-1025 CE)
    Probably the most famous period of the Byzantine Empire. Lots of growth and capable Emperors.

  • Palaiologos Dynasty (1261-1453 CE)
    First ruled by the usurper Michael VIII Palailogos.

  • Empire of Trebizond (1204-1461 CE)
    The last city to have fallen ending the Byzantine Empire.



  • The Viking Age (700-1066 CE)
    Judith Jesch, the professor of Viking Age studies at the University of Nottingham, thinks that the small raids probably began at around 700-750. So this is where we will start with the Danes.

  • The North Sea Empire (1013-1035 CE)
    This was the time when the Danes were slowly converting to Christianity. The establishment of the Kingdom of Denmark has started.

  • The Kalmar Union (1397-1523 CE)
    The triple alliance between Denmark, Sweden, and Norway has been established. Age 4 should revolve around the Kalmar Union.



  • The Toltecs (700?-1122 CE?)
    Colhuacan was known as the first Toltec city. It’s first ruler, Huehue Topiltzin Nauhyotzin, ruled from 717-763. Hence why I listed the Aztecs starting with 717.

  • The Aztec Empire (1428-1521 CE)
    The three main city states or “power houses” were Tenochtitlan, Tetzcoco, and Tlacopan. This is somewhat similar to the Kalmar Union with their own triple alliance schtick.
    The Aztec Empire traced their lineage and culture values back to the Toltecs. They were their intellectuals.

The Aztec Empire were comprised of many city states. Some of these included Colhuacan, Tenochtitlan, Tlatelolco, Tlacopan, Azcapotzalco, Tetzcoco, Chalco, Xochimilco, Xoconochco, and Coixtlahuaca (wow some of these are a mouthful!).


(Not the Persians I know but I think a lot of people were requesting this one. This one is by far the hardest one to do and may contain errors that require fixing by Indian historians. I’m also going to deviate by including Age periods as well)

People asked about which Indian civilization should be in the game on Reddit. And most voted the Tamils > Gurjara/Rajputs > Dakhni > Bengali > Kalinga.

I think the Indian civ. ages should begin with the Tamil (three crowned rulers time) which consisted mainly the Cholas, the Pandya, and the Cheras empires.

The Chola dynasty began at around 300 BCE → medieval Cholas began 850ish CE. Therefore… [Chola dynasty: 848-1279CE]

The Pandya dynasty began at around 200-300 BCE → imperial dominance began between 500-900 CE. Pandya crumbled at around 1334 when the Madurai sultanate (Islam focused) was finally established. Therefore… [Pandya dynasty: 500-1334 CE]

The Chera dynasty began at around 100-200 BCE. Seems like this dynasty was conquered many times by both the Chola and Pandya.

If I read things correctly…The Chola dynasty was the strongest at the very beginning but was eventually beaten by the Pandya dynasty around the 13th century. The Pandya dynasty prospered for awhile until the Madurai sultanate took over with its conquest. However, the Vijayanagara Empire (India-centric and the Dakhni) beat the Madurai sultanate.

The Vijayanagara Empire has defeated many including the Bijapur sultanate and the Gajapati Empire (Kalinga). The Gajapati Empire was India-centric and had incredible fighters according to Fernão Nunes.

The Gajapati Empire lasted from 1434-1541 CE. While the Vijayanagara empire lasted from 1336-1646 CE, I think the date 1646 is too far ahead compared to most civilizations in AoEIV. The Battle of Talikota in 1565 consisted of the Deccan sultanates vs. the Vijayanagara empire. The latter lost and led to its eventual collapse. Therefore, I think the Vijayanagara Empire lasted from 1336-1565 CE. PERFECT! The 1500-1550ish goal has been reached!

Age 1: The Cholas era

Age 2: The Pandya era

Age 3: Gajapati era

Age 4: Vijayanagara era

Note: The Vijayanagara had already beaten the Pandya dynasty and the Gajapati empire. So technically Age 3 and onwards are also Vijayanagara’s but Age 3, in particular, utilizes Gajapati’s infamous and formidable units. Age 4 would be the accumulation of its wins from the past, its peak power, and its influence over-all.


The Ages above checkmarked most of the famous India-centered civilizations in a history related linear fashion.

What do you think?


No reason to be a ■■■■ man. The guy is excited and put a lot of effort into his post. Lay off.


Good post, OP. Well researched and well presented.

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This is a great post and yes the top 4 civs I want to see added are most of those. I wish they would drop new civs this summer

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Who want incas? They didn’t have horses and they was beaten by some poor knights from spain.

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