The Abbasid Musketeers now have a serious bug

The Abbasid Musketeers now have a serious bug.The technology of increasing attack range of Musketeerscan carry out multiple attacks at the same time.After multiple superimposed technologies, their attack distance will increase exponentially
Like this!
It looks like a Katyusha rocket, doesn’t it?
Ok,As a player.I’m worried that this bug will be used by some people with ulterior motives in the multiplayer game to win an unfair victory.

I hope the official technicians can deal with this problem as soon as possible,thank you very much indeed.
Here are some screenshots.There are mine and my friends’ in the content:
(I’m sorry, because I’m a new user, I can only send one screenshot)

Later, we found that the problem might not be so.Other units have a similar situation.

After that, the camel’s speed will reach the upper limit of the game, which is 23.13.

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Here are some screenshots.

And this

Thank you @TheFuryShark! We are aware and working on it. Appreciate the report!