The ability/ functionality of playing RANKED Treaty other than 40 min has not implemented

Welcome @Amsterda9916 in the forums :slight_smile:

Yes I think there are a lot of players playing Treaty games other then 40mins :slight_smile: Hope they will change the quicksearch that one can select the treaty time.
But they should add the possibility to play custom games as ranked games.

And yes…treaty is not deathmatch. Treaty games are not only about the fights after the treaty time is off…the build order and so on is part of the game. Sometimes the game is won just by having the better BO and more ressources then the enemy.

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The last hotfix/update says that there will be a choice for 20min treaty in the quicksearch :slight_smile:

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Great to hear, certainly a step in the right direction.

I think the decision to add 20 and not 10 or 30 is a suitable compromise. 20TR will be a very competitive mode, and hopefully more active due to the removal of the other 2, 10 and 30.

TR10 and TR30 were both very inactive. TR30 is much like 40, but with less wall time. TR10 much like supremacy, allows for some fun cheese strats, but usually the other side doesn’t see it coming so it isn’t a very balanced mode.