"The ability to view ELO in unranked lobbies"

Or so it said in Update 36202. But it doesn’t seem to work. What’s the go with that?

Unfortunately the Elo isn’t simply displayed next to the player names like it is in HD. You have to hover over each player name individually, and their stats will be displayed in the bottom right of the screen. Makes it kind of annoying if you want to balance TGs, since you can’t see each player’s Elo all at once.


Thx. It’s working for others, just not for me for some reason, will do some more digging, even verify files.
Edit it’s working, strange because I was clicking that area, but I was perhaps going too quick. Thx again for the heads up, would prob still be here wondering about elo otherwise lol

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Even the legendary SOTL couldn’t figure it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnIohRrCS5c

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I love to micro but I was not prepared for lobby micro, why can’t they just put elo next to name?

DE really makes me feel like a living genious since apparently I know everything better, not sure If I should be happy about that :thinking:

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It doesn’t work for me either. I hover the icon and it doesn’t show the ELO, just 0 like new player but I checked online and they have ELO and games already played.

They unfortunately don’t show the “unranked” ELO there which in most cases would be the only helpful information. If devs add that it would be fine for me even though unranked ELO directly in the players list would be better for sure. We are talking about unranked lobbies so that would make sense.

Ranked Elo is the only one that would be helpful IMO, as unranked can be all over the place and doesn’t mean a thing. Also, if they showed unranked Elo in the lobbies that changed after every game they would have to stop calling them “unranked” games.


you’ve probably turned off " tool tip " in the options. you have to turn it on so you can be able to see player profiles by hovering your mouse over their name

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Ranked is shown already in a tooltip. But it is in maybe 80% 0 because a lot of people play unranked lobbies without ever played a ranked game. And that 0 is not helping anybody while the unranked ELO as an additional information would.

If you ever played HD you would understand, it was the norm, ranked and unranked were interchangeable, on took one click to turn it off. It balanced every single game, unless someone was smurfing. Most games were ranked, with little to no restrictions.

I do understand, and did play on HD and then later on Voobly for many years. There was no such thing as an “unranked rating” that was visible on either playform, because that would be stupid and undermine it’s entire purpose of the games being unranked. Now of course you could easily make a seperate Elo/ranking for the (now) unranked lobbies on DE and make optional to turn it on and off like on HD/Voobly, but that’s a different discussion all together.