The absurd PAUSE (F3) in this game

Why during the game anyone can unpause the game?
And moust importent quastion: Why we dont have limit of time to pause the game? I mean would be better to make pause for a sertent time, for example 2 minutes without unpause options? And each player can only pause the game 2 times per match.


I would be very careful with implementing any system that allows forced Pauses. The community may be nice, but there are still way too many idiots around and I don’t want to sit through even 2x2 minute pauses every game an opponent doesn’t like the fact he lost.

The system right now is as good as it can get in my opinion. You have the option to pause (at whatever length you need) if all players agree on it, but noone can force it.

In the end you should not be playing anyway if you expect to need a pause. The biggest problem is players taking for granted a “right to pause” - but there is no such thing. It’s nice and friendly behaviour if you’re opponent decides to spend his time waiting for you, nothing he owes you in any way.

I will still grant small pauses, but I once waited 30 minutes for someone to finish a phone call and certainly will not do that again.


The system is fine, at least in 1400 elo your opponents dont unpaused never and if he want pause Rush only have 10 times

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we have; IT IS 10 i think

Which is way too high. Imagine a 4vs4 and every player pauses 10 times each.

I think there should be no total limit but instead it shouldn’t be allowed to pause more than 2-3 times consecutively and then you can pause again after let’s say 5 mins, again 2-3 times.

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i still dont get this logic, like almost no other ranked MP game allows pausing, it can be extremely disruptive and is regularly abused,

it is just one more weapon in the arsenal of toxic players, and conversely makes people think they are entitled to a pause feature

you are NOT entitled to a pause. if you pause and the opponent doesnt unpause, they are doing you a favour

i have mofos laming my sheep and boars, walling my res, persian douching and generally just being toxic, on top of all of that i now get mofos that pause the game and then force a desync to force me to sit in stasis unless i unpause (aka be a troll according to these entitled players who think they deserve a pause)

or i get time wasters that intentionally either pause to read up on counters or simply pause at the worst moments like in the middle of a scout v scout micro battle…

im getting sick of the trolls in the game so ive started unpausing if someone pauses within the first 10min

sorry for the people that have a legit reason, but im not going to risk pause abuse

imo they should remove pause in ranked for at least the first 10 min (real time) either you have time to play or you dont, dont waste someone else’s

This happened exactly one time in over 100 games for me. Seriously, how often does this happen to you?

Just a general tip: If they don’t immediately (in less than 30 sec) give a reason after pausing, just unpause. That’s how I do it.

These are just tactics. Yea, they’re lame but unfortunately every RTS game has them (e.g. SC2 has Photon Cannon Rush). Deal with them. They shouldn’t be the reason why people can’t pause games because maybe somebody’s actually at their door. If you win because your opponent was half the game afk, do you really feel like you deserved the victory?


Yup even at 1100 players act good

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You never allow the pause? That seems really toxic to me…

If someone pauses and politely ask for a small break, then i accept the pause. if he is gone for too long, then i just unpauses.
If someone just pauses without any explanation, then i just unpauses and continu playing the game.

I must admit pauses seems not really an issue. They arent used frequently and i dont really see many people abusing the pause button. So i dont think anything need to be change around the pause button.

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A good first step to addressing problematic pauses would be to simply display a pause timer. Most people are comfortable waiting a minute or so. As the time increases, chat can start saying things like ‘I’ll wait until 2 minutes but then I’m unpausing’.

Isn’t that what I suggested?

Not quite – although I agree with your suggestion.

I am recommending an on-screen timer during pauses, but without an automatic unpause. Basically, just let people see how long a pause is taking.

This would have two benefits:

  1. Allows the players/community to determine a socially acceptable length of pause.
  2. The same code could be reused in implementing automatic unpauses in the future.

There should be an option to ban some players from pausing if they get reported for abusing pauses twice in the same week. A month long ban would solve that.

In fact make the system automatic. If you paused during a match and your opponent reported a pause abuse you get auto banned from pausing for a week.

Maybe an option could be that only who paused the game can unpause, but after 2 minutes a voting screen should appear and all players, except the one who pause the game can vote for stay waiting or continue the game.

agreed. i dont think 2 minutes of unpause guard is a good number, but thats the idea.

I think the Ideal solution would be something like, at the first pause you have 50 seconds with unpause guard, then 30 seconds, and then you have no unpause guard, just like a pause right now.
That way toxic players can pause you for a max of 80 seconds, which isnt much, but you can still close the window or turn off the phone safely.

I think that unpause without wait is really toxic too. The most people pause the game for a good reason and the expecting of get back to the game asap.
2 minutes max it is good time to go bath, or if sommeting call your door, or whatever. We are playing a game, not saving lifes…